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The week of the Canadian GP is off to a very poor start

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The dark period continues for Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who, after a mistake in Baku, started the week leading up to Formula 1 2022’s Canadian GP in the worst possible way: Monaco missed the flight that should have brought him to Montreal.

A current one Charles Leclerc It was definitely not a lucky time. In recent weeks, the Ferrari driver has been a hero in spite of himself Many unfortunate episodes along the way This has cost him the lead in the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship and made it significantly more difficult for him to win the world title with his rival Max Verstappen.

In fact, in the last three races, due to circumstances not dependent on his will or his own fault, the Monegasque has won a total of 12 points despite always starting from pole and leading the race on all occasions: Barcelona too. He was forced to retire due to problems with his F1-75’s power unit during his lead at Baku.During the home race in Montecarlo, Cavallino was punished by two sensational errors in the strategy of the wall, which caused him to slide from first place to fourth place.

Now, Charles Leclerc is in the uncomfortable position of taking no more false steps if he wants to continue to fuel his worldly dream. Start closing the gap from the Dutch starting already from the upcoming Canadian GP Next weekend will be staged at the Montreal circuit. However, campus does not seem to fare well in this regard The week leading up to the race didn’t start well for him.

First, the 24-year-old had to cope Bad news from Maranello regarding the results of an inspection on the power unit that smoked during the Azerbaijan GP It revealed that the internal combustion engine and turbo compressor were irreversible, so there was already a risk of penalty at the opening stage in Montreal. Added further to this Another little unexpected thing changed his plan For the Canadian race weekend.

Charles Leclerc should have left on Tuesday morning to reach Montreal, where the weekend of the Canadian GP will open, with free practice sessions from Friday. As the Ferrari driver revealed on his Instagram profile, this condition is necessary. He missed his flight to Canadian soil. 24 years old from Monte Carlo So he had to wait a long time at the airport before boarding another flight to Canada. The Cavallino driver did not disclose the cause of the accident, whether it was due to his delay or a problem with the airline.

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