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The Russian-Ukrainian War March 16 Live News | Drone crashed, Shoigu call Austin. Wagner puts an end to Minister Crocito.

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Russia allegedly set aside a $15 million bounty for Defense Minister Guido Crocito. This is the report made to the highest levels of government by Italian intelligence, reported by Foglio newspaper this morning. The ultimatum – the newspaper writes – came last week, so before the quarrel over migrants led Prigozhin to abuse Crocito on his Telegram channel. At the root of the concerns of the Italian services, there seem to be outbursts of anger against the Italians by Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian president, who has been at the forefront of Russian ultra-nationalist and militaristic propaganda for months. According to Italy’s Intelligence Sector, Il Foglio writes again, “There will be a well-defined supply chain, in the chain of transport of orders that can lead from Moscow to Rome. Wagner has at least two cells in Europe: one in the Balkans, moving between Serbia and Albania; the other In the Baltics with headquarters in Estonia. Two fists of a few dozen soldiers, from which a patrol can be detached with the aim of carrying out targeted operations in Italy. On the other hand, the services of other countries, such as Poland or France, indicated similar concerns. But it is clear that the inclusion of a member of the The government of the Group of Seven countries, within the declared goals of the brigade in the Kremlin’s salaries, is something that indicates an increase in the level of risk ยป.

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