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The United States and China, accusing each other over Taiwan. The European Union’s call for “calm” – the world

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“The European Union calls on all parties to remain calm and exercise restraint, To act transparently and keep the lines of communication open to avoid calculation errors that could lead to tragic consequences.” This is the appeal made by the High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell, at the ASEAN Regional Forum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The European Union has a clear interest in maintaining peace and the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. We are deeply concerned about the actions of China, which launched ballistic missiles at Taiwan, many of which landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.”

Chinese planes and warships crossed the “midline” of the Taiwan Strait on the second day of large-scale military exercises in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, with the island describing the latest maneuvers as “extremely provocative.”

Reply to criticism From the United States and Western countries, Beijing noted that the core of the Taiwan issue “is not a question of democracy, but an important matter of principle on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” He noted that the current situation “was entirely caused by Pelosi and American politicians.” Support came from the KremlinAccording to the so-called “provocations” such as Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, “it does not happen without consequences.” According to Moscow, “China is taking legitimate measures to protect its sovereignty.” Announcing a series of countermeasures, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced the suspension of various communication and cooperation mechanisms between China and the United States. Including dialogue between military leadersClimate talks, conversations on maritime security mechanisms. Moreover, among the eight listed points, there is also cooperation in the fight against drugs, transnational crimes and illegal immigration.

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But “provocative” China’s reaction to the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives was determined by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, according to which Beijing tried to intimidate not only Taipei, but also its neighbors, with the aim of changing the status quo. Blinken denounced China’s military exercises around Taiwan, describing them as ‘big escalation’. According to Blinken, “there is no justification” for Beijing’s maneuvers in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The White House summoned the Chinese ambassador – Condemning Beijing’s escalation in its actions against Taiwan and stressing that the United States does not want a crisis in the region.

while, Singapore Airlines cancels flights to and from Taiwan Because of “increasing restrictions on airspace” due to dangerous Chinese military exercises in the Taiwan Strait. “The safety of our employees and passengers is our priority,” the airline’s spokesperson said in an interview with the Asian Central News Agency.

The United States will not allow China to isolate TaiwanThe US spokeswoman, in Tokyo, marked the last leg of her tour of Asia. “They may try to prevent Taiwan from visiting or participating in other places, but they will isolate it by preventing us from traveling there. We’ve had high-level visits, senators in the spring, and constant visits. We will not allow them to isolate TaiwanPelosi, whose visit to Taipei angered Beijing when it launched military exercises around the island, added Pelosi and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

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Nancy Pelosi did not comment directly on the exercises, but reiterated that her visits to Asian countries, including Taiwan, “are not about changing the status quo” in the region. Pelosi spoke after her meeting with Kishida, who described the Chinese missile launch as “a serious problem that has an impact on our national security and the safety of our citizens.” Tokyo, which has called for an “immediate end” to the exercises, claims that 5 missiles landed in its exclusive economic zone.

for this part, Taiwan President Tsai He called China’s launch of missiles near busy international air and sea routes around the island “irresponsible” and urged Beijing to act with more restraint: Taiwan would not fuel tensions, but would defend sovereignty. Tsai urged the international community to support Taiwan’s democracy and oppose China’s “unilateral and irrational military action,” adding that Taipei seeks to work with regional countries and democratic partners around the world to maintain peace in the Indo-Pacific region. The president, who warned residents about the dangers of China’s media war with cyber attacks and dissemination of false information, thanked the G7 for calling on Beijing to refrain from and repeat “aggressive military activities” in the Taiwan Strait. Commitment to ensuring stability.

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