October 4, 2023

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Ukraine, Stoltenberg: “Russia threatens security and China challenges our values.” Beijing: ‘Old wine in a new bottle’

Ukraine, Stoltenberg: “Russia threatens security and China challenges our values.”  Beijing: ‘Old wine in a new bottle’

Syria recognizes Donetsk and Luhansk

The Moscow-backed Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad today officially recognized the “independence and sovereignty” of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics of Donbass. The Syrian government agency, Sana’a, reported, citing a source from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Damascus. The statement said that the Syrian presidency intends to establish relations with the two separatist republics.

The United States sends an air defense battalion to Italy

The United States will send 65 short-range air defense battalions to Italy. The Pentagon confirms this by providing details of the announced increase in the military presence in Europe. The group, which defines the US Department of Defense, is a unit of the short-range air defense battalion stationed in Germany.

Born: “Russia’s horrible cruelty in Ukraine”

NATO leaders denounce Russia’s “terrible brutality” in Ukraine that “has caused massive human suffering and mass displacement, and disproportionately affected women and children”. This can be read in the statement issued at the end of the NATO Summit in Madrid. Russia bears full responsibility for this humanitarian catastrophe. Russia must allow safe, unimpeded and lasting humanitarian access,” the closing statement said.

Zelensky: “We need money and modern artillery”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr ZelenskyEnter the video link above Boy In Madrid, the Allies were asked for “modern artillery and financial support” against Moscow.

China: “NATO continues to expand”

NATO ‘keep on getting in’ Asia Pacific Region: Some member states sent aircraft and warships to the waters surrounding the country China to drive Military exercisescreating tensions.” Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian He complained that NATO continues to “support it.” team fight The international community must maintain a high degree of vigilance,” commenting on the words of the US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivanwhich states that the strategic document approved at the Madrid summit of the alliance will clearly indicate the multiple challenges posed by China.

UK imposes sanctions on Potanin, Putin’s cousin

British government Boris Johnson expansion Black list of the people affected Anti-Russian sanctions After the Moscow war in UkraineAs of today, a freeze on all traceable assets in the UK and a travel ban in the US also affects the oligarchy Vladimir Potaninthe historical nickel magnate since the time of Boris Yeltsin, listed as the second richest man in Russia, and Anna Tsilieva, “a cousin of Vladimir Putin” and the head of the mining company JSC Kolmar Group. London also announced new sanctions on individuals and companies involved in “supporting the Assad regime in Syria.”

Moscow: “NATO shows aggression against us”

the top of Boy In Madrid, he is demonstrating “aggression” alliance with Russia. Today, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said, Sergey RyabkovHe described expansion in Finland and Sweden as “deeply destabilizing”.

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China: ‘American crisis promoters, I don’t slander’

Since the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, “Europe has incurred heavy political, economic and social costs and United State They reap earnings Which arms dealers Americans celebrate with champagne, as do the American food and energy industries.” A State Department spokesperson Zhao Lijian On the rulings of the US Security Adviser Jake SullivanUnder which China is responsible for urging Russia to cease fire. “Any major crisis promoterThe United States should think about its role and stop defaming China.”