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Ukraine, live coverage – Kyiv: “Moscow is preparing a large-scale offensive in the winter.” Russian Ambassador to the United States: “American patriots in Kyiv? Unpredictable consequences”

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Kyiv: “The fair is preparing for a large-scale offensive in the winter”

Russia is amassing forces and weapons for a new major winter offensive in Ukraine. This is what emerged from recent briefings by President Volodymyr Zelensky and his generals, which were covered by the British weekly The Economist. A large-scale offensive could be launched from Donbass, the south or even Belarus as early as January or spring at the latest. Moscow’s forces will aim to push back the Ukrainian forces and may make a second attempt to capture the capital, Kyiv.

Zelensky to the EU: “Moscow’s goal goes beyond Ukraine. The next six months are crucial

The next six months will be decisive in many ways in the confrontation that Russia started with this aggression. Aggression against Ukraine and against each of you, because the ultimate goal of Russia goes beyond our borders and Ukrainian sovereignty. The next six months will require more efforts from us than we have done so far.

Zelensky: “The defeat of Russian energy terrorism”

“Russian energy terrorism in all its forms must be defeated.” This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking via video link at the EU Leaders Summit. “Russian energy blackmail, any destructive actions by Russia against critical infrastructure in Ukraine, or, for example, against submarine cables and gas pipelines in Europe, any attempt to destabilize the oil and gas markets or the nuclear energy sector should receive strong responses from all Europe all over the world.

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amp. The United States of Russia: “Unexpected consequences of sending Patriot missiles”

The Russian embassy in Washington issued a warning about the hypothesis of US Patriot missiles in Kyiv: “If this is confirmed, we will see another step by the administration (Biden, ed.) that could lead to unforeseen consequences,” a note read. , as reported by CNN. For the time being, the White House has not confirmed the press rumors. And the Russians added that “Washington’s strategy causes severe damage not only to US-Russian relations, but also creates additional risks to global security.” “Even without delivering the Patriots, the United States is getting deeper into the conflict in the former Soviet republic,” the diplomatic mission wrote on Telegram.

Putin: “From the West, an economic war against Russia”

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the West’s actions against Russia as an “economic war,” adding that Russia’s financial resources were still “flexible” and that the plan to destroy the Russian economy had “failed.” The tax is reported.

Moscow, “a provocative and impermissible visit by Griffiths to Kherson”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, citing TASS, that the recent visit of Martin Griffiths, UN Deputy Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, is “provocative and unacceptable.” Griffith’s visit to Kherson and the Russian region, where citizens voted in a referendum to join the Russian Federation and was accepted, is a deliberate provocative visit and therefore unacceptable. Zakharova said the UN Secretary-General must put an end to such initiatives by members of his humanitarian administration.

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Kherson in the dark after the Russian attacks. Two dead

The Russians attacked the center of Kherson for the second time in a few days, hitting 100 meters from the regional state administration building and causing two deaths. This was stated by the deputy head of the office of the head of the region Kirillo Tymoshenko on Telegram, citing Ukrainska Pravda. The city is in the dark.

Moscow: “The Vatican apologizes for the Pope’s words about the Chechens and Buryats. The case is closed. ”

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, claimed that Moscow had received a statement from the Holy See in which the Vatican State Secretariat “apologized to the Russian side” for the statements. Pope Francis, who stated in an interview with the Jesuit magazine “America” ​​that in the war in Ukraine, “in general, perhaps the harshest of the Russians but not of the Russian tradition, such as Chechens, Buryats, and so on. Zakharova said that the Holy See deeply respects all the peoples of Russia, for their dignity, faith and culture. “We believe that this incident has been resolved and we look forward to continuing constructive cooperation with the Vatican,” Zakharova added. Russian soldiers are accused of committing war crimes in Ukraine, but – the Guardian confirms – “there is no data to suggest that minority soldiers fighting in Ukraine behaved worse in Ukraine than ethnic Russians”.

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