Home World The Ukrainian Criminal Court issues an arrest warrant for Putin

The Ukrainian Criminal Court issues an arrest warrant for Putin

The Ukrainian Criminal Court issues an arrest warrant for Putin

Zelensky: “Historic decision”


Volodymyr Zelensky hailed the Hague court’s decision as “historic”. In his evening speech on Telegram, the Ukrainian president commented, “The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Putin. A historic decision from which historical responsibility begins.” “It would be impossible to carry out such a criminal operation without an order from the supreme leader of the terrorist state,” he said, adding that deporting children to Russia is an “evil” policy of the Russian state that begins with the first official. From this country.” Zelensky thanked the ICC “for its genuine willingness to bring the guilty to justice.”

Biden: “Arrest warrant warranted”

“It is clear that Putin committed war crimes: the warrant issued by the International Criminal Court against him is justified.” US President Joe Biden said so. Although the United States does not recognize the ICC either, Biden said it was a “very strong signal”.

European Union: “It’s just the beginning”

“With the arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin, we are facing an important decision for international justice and for the Ukrainian people: we have always said in the European Union that the perpetrators of crimes in Ukraine must be held accountable: this is only the “beginning of the process.” This is what the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy said Joseph Burrell. “The European Union supports the work of the International Criminal Court, and there can be no impunity,” he added.

Moscow: “Toilet paper” – Instead, the Kremlin refused to order, defining the move as “unacceptable” and without any legal value. The deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council thought about it Dmitry Medvedev Submit the most colorful image by tweeting a toilet paper emoji accompanying the caption: “No need to explain where this document is used”; While Lvova-Belova said only that “we continue to work” on the children.

Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court: “Deported hundreds of children from orphanages” – “The incidents identified by my office include the deportation of at least hundreds of children who were taken from orphanages and foster homes. We believe that many of these were given up for adoption in the Russian Federation.” This was announced by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in a statement Karim Khan. “The law in the Russian Federation has been amended, through presidential decrees issued by President Putin, to expedite the granting of Russian citizenship, making it easier for Russian families to adopt. My office considers that these measures, among others, indicate the intention to remove these children from their country. At the time of these deportations, Ukrainian children were protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, explains Khan, adding: “In our application we also confirmed that most of the acts of this deportation scheme were carried out in the context of aggressive acts committed by Russian military forces against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.” , which began in 2014.

“In September last year, I addressed the United Nations Security Council and stressed that investigating the alleged illegal deportation of children from Ukraine is a priority for my Office. The human impact of these crimes was also demonstrated during my recent visit to Ukraine. While there, I visited One of the nursing homes from which the children will be taken, near the current front lines of the conflict, confirmed the accounts of those who took care of these children and their concerns about what has become of them. The urgency of action. We must ensure that those responsible for the alleged crimes are held accountable and that the children are returned to their families and communities. As I said in That time, we cannot allow children to be treated as if they were the spoils of war,” the prosecutor continues.

“Since taking office as Attorney General, I have stressed that the law must provide shelter for the most vulnerable on the front lines and that we must also put children’s experiences of conflict at the heart of our work. To do this, we have tried to bring our work to communities, making use of advanced technological tools and, above all, building innovative partnerships to support our investigative work. While today is a concrete first step with regard to the situation in Ukraine, my Office continues to develop many interconnected lines of investigation.” As I reported in Bucha last May, Ukraine is a crime scene involving a large group complex of alleged international crimes. We will not hesitate to make further requests for arrest warrants when the evidence requires it,” concludes Khan.


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