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One and a half million to return the Hockey Temple –

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The company is in and there is also a date: on May 2, the internal works will begin to redevelop Pala Pregnolato, temple of hockey and roller sports, emblematic place in the Isola region.

With the intervention of one and a half million euros, the structure will be modernized and made more efficient from a functional and energy point of view. The works that will involve the interior of the structure will continue until October: what is much awaited, in particular, is the replacement of the playing track to be rebuilt with parquet specially treated for roller sports. The lights will be replaced, a VIP grandstand and a location for television filming will be constructed, and the capacity will go from the current 600 to the 850 seats also required for international competitions.

The contract for the works has been awarded to Ief Leonardo of San Maurizio Canavese, present on Wednesday at the press conference to present the works with representatives of the sports clubs, the mayor Andrea Corsaro, the sports and public works consultants, Mimmo Sabatino and Massimo Simeone, the sector director Marco Tanese and the architect Lea Enrico who followed The different phases of the project.

Related work is also being planned outside the arena: it will be carried out without interfering with the competitive activity of the clubs which, if there are no obstacles, could resume in the fall.

Mayor Corsaro said: “We will improve the functioning and functionality of a historic factory of the city of Vercelli. The cups on display here in the press room tell of the prestige and the results obtained by the clubs that revolve around this structure. The investment is significant and will allow the building to become one of the most important in the Piedmont region for wheels.”

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In conjunction with the executives of the companies involved, the works will also make possible the construction of a covered ticket office and a new public entrance, while, on the plant engineering front, fire prevention adaptations are foreseen, along with a revision of emergency exit routes and barriers in the game.

“The business – Simion added – will bring benefits on the energy and consumption front: we are looking to the future by creating a structure that will allow us to save on management costs.”

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