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The truth about the third secret of Fatima: the (true) prophecy of the Virgin Mary.

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It was 1917 when Our Lady appeared to the young shepherdess Lucía dos Santos and her cousins ​​Francisco and Jacinta Marto, placing in their little hands some enormous secrets about humanity that had only been partially revealed over time. Especially the third, revealed by Pope John Paul II in 2000, has not been fully revealed. Now the book of Saverio Gaeta Secrets of Sister Lucia – Fatima, the truth has never been told (Piemme), an unprecedented investigation, reveals the part that no one dared to tell before, and also raises many questions about what Mary’s words mean deep down. A book full of details and full of great hope, which we talked about in our interview with the author.

The Secret of Fatima has always been talked about and things have often been said that do not correspond to reality. Where did you start this investigation?

“The starting point for this new investigation is the unpublished documents collected for the process of canonization of Sister Lucia, the ‘last visions of Fatima’, as well as a series of secrets that I have collected over the past few years from people familiar with this matter.” Interesting details about the events Associated with the appearance in Portugal. Thanks to this material, I was able to shed light on facts that had never been revealed before, and make a complete reconstruction of what happened from 1917 until today.”

In 2000, Pope John Paul II decided to reveal the contents of the “Third Secret”, but in fact its reconstruction led to another version of events. Was there a desire not to tell the whole truth or was it a kind of lack of understanding?

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“The detailed reconstruction that I present in the book indisputably confirms the validity of all the hypotheses previously put forward regarding the fact that only the part was revealed that the Vatican authorities considered to refer directly to the words of the Virgin Mary, and not all other interpretations. Submitted by Sister Lucia on Decades passed. Suffice it to cite the passages of the letter the seer wrote to Pope Paul VI in August 1967, in which she claimed to describe the immense light of God, the words of the Virgin Mary about Portugal and faith, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, noting in each case that he did not explain ” Evolution, meaning, and cognition.”

Why were no further clarifications ever given to what Sister Lucia said?

“Basically for two reasons. The first is the doubt expressed by some Vatican officials, albeit authoritative, regarding the true words of the Virgin which were instead Sister Lucia’s interpretations, as if the seer could have allowed herself to express her personal opinions,” rather than the illumination received. Straight from heaven. The second concerns the seriousness of the texts that have not yet been published – which are supposedly kept in the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and not in the archives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, as is the case up to now. We thought – what focuses on the crisis of faith in the Church, which will characterize the time of persecution that it manifests Sister Lucia in “The Third Secret”.

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This secret has always been associated with the “final” war, and currently the signs are all there. Are we on the verge of the end?

“All Marian prophecies are ‘conditional’, meaning they can be modified or canceled by prayer. They must therefore be interpreted not as a threat of punishment from Heaven, but as a motherly call to each one of us to act, but do as much as he can, to avoid the danger of the spread of evil, and to move… Humanity is heading towards self-destruction, which today is allowed by the amount of nuclear weapons spread in many places on the face of the Earth. There is no doubt that the message of Fatima is the most important. The pressure on this terrible possibility is a warning that should not be overlooked, given what exactly is happening in the two most present areas. On Marian prophecies in the last century: Russia and the Middle East.

In recent decades, the Church has witnessed a profound crisis of values. Is the message of the Virgin Mary related to this as well?

“The Marian apparitions are like a mosaic, where each piece has meaning and is indispensable for understanding the whole picture. With regard to the Church, there are probably writings by Sister Lucia that have not yet been made public, which detail the problems of her crisis. But in other manifestations such as La Salette or Three fountainsThe danger of apostasy, that is, church members abandoning the faith, was reported in a decidedly more alarming manner.

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Is there some sort of path to redemption in your rebuilding process?

“Yes, certainly! And it is to take Heaven’s calls seriously, without carefully distinguishing between what does not raise any problem and what instead seems to disturb our tranquility, through images and appeals of a dramatic nature. In fact, precisely of this awareness, service The pastoral mission of proclaiming the Gospel and proposing conversion of hearts, which is the foundation of the Christian mission, can find renewed force.

What has this deep research you conducted changed in you and what do you want to say?

“By delving into the subject of Marian apparitions and prophecies for decades, I have obtained definitive confirmation of their reliability, with the certainty that they come to us as a gift from God, who desires only the true good of all humanity and the protection of the human beings of His creation.”

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