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Omicron, President of Poland is positive. France: “A health emergency in the Overseas Territories”. Brazil, skip the Rio Carnival

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The spread of the new car varante Omicron From Corona Virus It also hit one of the events most awaited and loved by Brazilians: for the second year in a row, the fashion shows in Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. This was stated by the authorities a wonderful cityThe mayor said: “The street carnival as it happened until 2020 will not take place in 2022.” Eduardo Paes In a live broadcast on social media, explaining the difficulties in controlling these celebrations in the period of increasing injuries due to Eid meetings as well. At the same time Poland The President of the Republic also tested positive for the virus. Andre DudaHe is now in isolation, but “is fine and does not have serious symptoms, and doctors are constantly following him.” Instead, the French government announced today health emergency In overseas territories and groups GuadeloupeAnd French GuianaAnd MayotteAnd Saint Martin e Saint Barthelemy Because of the “significant increase” in coronavirus cases due to the omicron difference.

The decision of the Carioca junta was made after a meeting with representatives of neighboring musical groups, i lumps. Parade of samba schools Sambodromo It is currently confirmed for the end of February. Pais explained that it was proposed to organize events in three different parts of the city, but I lumps They did not accept it. Instead, he added, they intended to make it a “counter-proposal”.

Hong Kong Tries to run for cover and ban flights from 8 countries, governor asserts Carrie Lam: The ban relates toAustralia, the Canada, the France, toIndia, the Pakistan, the philippines, the United kingdom that they United States of America. “Passenger flights from these countries will not be able to land in Hong Kong, and people who have resided in those countries will not be able to board flights to Hong Kong, including transit flights,” Lam told the media.

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It’s the second year that Rio’s carnival has been canceled due to the pandemic, according to the city’s tourism department, around 2020 7 million people Take part in street parties. Unsustainable figures for the second country in the world most affected by the epidemic after United States of America, about 620 thousand dead for each corona virus.

Meanwhile, the Injury record all over the world. After the impressive numbers recorded yesterday in FranceAnd Great BritainAnd United States of America and other countriesToday too HollandAnd Argentina And Israel is showing unprecedented numbers since the beginning of the epidemic. authorities Buenos Aires They spoke of 81,210 infections in the past 24 hours, double the day before, with 49 deaths. Tel AvivInstead, it reported 11,978 new cases, the highest toll since the start of the pandemic. In the Holland Finally, there are more than 24,000 new cases of coronavirus.

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