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Campania turns green at Città della Scienza on September 21 and 22

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The second week of thematic meetings on the green economy. Returned to Città della Scienza on September 21 and 22 Green Campania. Starts here green challenge, which are four thematic challenges aimed at creating new “sustainable” businesses in the agriculture, small wind, construction and automotive sectors. Each challenge, focused on one of the four specific thematic areas, will allow twenty “green” business ideas to be selected by a jury of experts to address all necessary stages Create your own start-up company.

Setting an exception to launch challenges will be the second week of green meetingreal Scientific Café During which university professors, associations, professional orders, specialized companies in the region and stakeholders address in detail all the possibilities of developing a sustainable economy in the sectors of agriculture, construction, mobility and renewable energy sources. The first appointment is set for Wednesday, September 21 in the Saffo Room of the Città della Scienza Convention Centre, starting at 9:30 AM. Participation in the events will allow the release of two professional training credits for engineers, as well as a certificate of attendance.

Two topics will be covered. In the morning, “Challenges of the green economy in the water component: energy efficiency and technological innovations in the agriculture sector 4.0 and in the sustainable management of water resources.” In the afternoon, “Challenges of the Green Economy in the Air Element: Energy Efficiency and Technological Innovations in the Micro-Wind Sector with Reference to On-farm Renewables 4.0”.

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The Green Campania project looks at the green economy as a single engine for green growth sustainable development of the regional economythrough an innovative training pilot path that responds directly to the needs of the territory and the creation of innovative start-ups in all sectors where the green economy can be developed.

There are three spirits in the Green Campania project: Green Challenge, Green Job and Green Meet. green challenge: Only twenty business ideas will then have access to accompanying and mentoring services, or Green Cowo Phase I: 60 hours of in-depth study during which experts in administrative, economic and organizational matters, as well as in an area The technology assessment will support the intervention recipient in mastering the business idea, and support Aspiring entrepreneurs are in the business plan development stage.

At the end of the guidance, the Top ten ideas of entrepreneurs who will participate in the second stage of the Green Cowo, with an additional hundred hours dedicated to training and preparing final presentations. The 10 startups will be invited to present their proposals, through a cutting-edge presentation, in front of an audience of specially selected topics from institutional operators, large corporations, venture capitalists and business leaders.

green jobIn this stage of environmental transformation where technological innovation and energy efficiency are no longer just desirable but a real necessity, the need to create new professionals who are able to understand the challenges that the green economy poses to us is increasingly felt. With this in mind, the Green Campania project has created a training process to become an expert in the circular economy, targeting young people with a specialist degree / master’s degree or degree in: engineering, geology, chemistry and physics. figure come out? “The Expert in Planning Innovative Production Operations to Reduce Environmental Impact”. The total course duration is 500 hours, of which: 300 hours of classroom/laboratory activity and 200 hours of training.

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The green meeting Includes four events, one in the morning and one in the afternoon of both days, dedicated to the challenges of the green economy in the four elements.

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