Home entertainment Zack Snyder defends the option to “kill off” Batman. Here are his words

Zack Snyder defends the option to “kill off” Batman. Here are his words

Zack Snyder defends the option to “kill off” Batman.  Here are his words

Zack Snyder He returned to address the controversy caused by some of the creative choices made in his films, particularly in the controversial 2016 comic book and first-team DC Extended Universe. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

During his final speech on the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience The director pointed out the severe criticism that most fans directed at Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman. A version of the character for sure Over 40 and dim He is characterized by sarcasm, which leads him to describe criminals and, in some cases, as uncaring Save their lives. Despite understanding the passion that drives comic book fans, Zack Snyder defended his portrayal of Batman with all his might:

This is a lifestyle choice for many people. I would love for comic book fans to experience all of this in an emotional way. I can in no way criticize them, because I live the same life. For these kids, it's not just a movie. And so, at some point you have to realize that this is their religion and their religion They are firmly convinced of this. It is also religious»

But Snyder stressed that he “tends to get into trouble” with comic book fans because of his famous character. Deconstructive approach Towards superheroes:

People always say “Batman can't kill.” So the fact that Batman can't kill is a fact. And I said, “Okay, well, now that you've told me this, the first thing I want to do is see what happens,” and then they say, “Well, you don't want to put him in a prison situation where he has to kill someone.” And then I say, “Well, it seems like you're protecting your Lord in a weird way, doesn't it? You make your God irrelevant“.»

In fact, Snyder has never hidden that he finds it interesting to bring Batman into the situation he was in Forced to kill Inspired by the famous comic strip by Frank Miller The Dark Knight Returns:

Fans often don't want to see their hero in a no-win situation because they don't want to see him lose. But I was never interested in showing a superhero who had to Maintain this divine status»

In short, the director has a clear vision of how to tell a superhero character, but he's unable to understand why some fans end up… Take it personally Some creative choices:

I have no problem if you don't like my movie. That's not the question. But who cares? The point is that you make it personal. Do you hate me because you don't like one of my movies? I don't understand»

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