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Canada lost to Andreescu in the second round, succumbing to Serena Bencic

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The National Bank is open Toronto’s fifth day comes alive with matches, and today, Wednesday 10 August, is the second round of matches valid for a spot in the second round of the Canadian “1000”.

The organizers of the tournament decided not to change the start time of the program, which was initially scheduled for 12:00 local time, but after Monday was affected by rain, it was decided to bring the program back by an hour. Beginning of day session. Therefore, today’s tennis menu of the Canadian Open for women opened its doors at 17:00 Italian time, taking into account the six-hour time zone compared to Bell Pies.

[14] K. Pliskova b. A. Anisimova 6-1 6-1

In Court 1, the third most important department, tds n. 14 Carolina Pliskova and American Amanda Anisimova. The 20-year-old from New Jersey has climbed 8 spots in the Czech professional rankings and is currently the no. Ranked 22. The clash was played on Canadian soil and is considered a “classic” of contemporary women’s tennis. Sixth conflict Directly between two players the fifth In the last two seasons. The memory of the last time they fought on the field is so fresh that it happened exactly a week ago: For the second round A sixteenth-century Californian of San JoseThe Russian-born player was back at 6-1 to finish third.

Uncontrollable Pliskova – The same score of the final set today, in their most recent clash, manifested itself several times but in this case it was Carolina who enjoyed it. The two-time Grand Slam finalist has really taken the game into her own Double 6-1 in less than an hour of play, thus advancing to the next round and avenging his defeat a few days ago. A victory that highlights the distance in the H2H aggregate calculation is now the final match of the tournament. Guide 5-1. To break the balance of competition, marking it irreversibly, is the Czech’s part 8 Consecutive games led the 30-year-old Looney to 1-1 in the opening set. 4-0 The second is “heavier”. Despite not being able to capitalize on a significant percentage of the first serve, Plsikova has shown herself to be very adept at knowing how to do it effectively. 7 ace and 71% Points won. The second is not far behind: a great one 65% realization, which was of great help in ascertaining that n. 14 WTA Only two spaces Presented at the meeting.

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[10] C. Coff B. e. Rybakina 6-4 (8) 6-7 7-6 (3)

Two rising stars set to start a saga – there National Bank Grandstand Instead it opened with an interesting crossover between the two More news Offered from the first six months of the season. Two New starsProven to compete at the highest levels by achieving First career Grand Slam final. First, N. Ranked 11th, he is only eighteen years old but has been the nickname on everyone’s lips for several seasons. predicted; On the other hand if you hit a certain Venus Williams If your peers are tormented only by the complex transition from childhood to adulthood on the London lawns of the “unknown” Center Court, it’s physiological to unleash it on you as much as I can. Media attention. In June he qualified for the last event of a red major and upset Italian tennis by knocking out Trevisan in the semi-finals. Surrender only in the face of Polish superiority – still in Steamroller version at the time.

Another, currently ranked 27th – but should have been much higher – is a 23-year-old Kazakh girl who was rejected by her native Russia and therefore forced to seek fortune and support from the realms of Nur Sultan. Not a very unfortunate setback, mind you Huge economic opportunity The Kazakh Federation, but of course the young woman from abroad is already more ignorant of the great tennis fame than the future Grand Slam champion. She was certainly thought of as a good player: modern, great serves, flat lashings from the bottom hurt. But objectively, no one would bet a penny that the beautiful Elena would have gone this far. To win the most important tennis event in living memory. A ride so amazing that even the heroine of the company is overwhelmed by the understandable emotions of those completely disoriented by the environment in which she finds herself. We’re obviously talking about a Roland Garros Corrie finalist Gaff and reigning Wimbledon champion Elena Rybakina.

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A meeting organized by Al Heart touchingAlmost Three hours of heated argument – Kazakh is used for long fights. Both protagonists looked like they wanted to prove that entering the final act of a Grand Slam match is not a serious one without the possibility of a new validation, and that they need to show that they are more than their opponent, the author is on the same track. It probably is A little extra light In support of Koko, who is yet to reach the big milestone, He could have outlined the slight difference He who determined the challenge. For her part, Rybakina fought to the end, but she had to give up 6-4 (8) 6-7 7-6 (3).

After losing the first set, he made himself pay in the fourth game, although he earned the first break points of the match. Beating the American player 3-3, the Moscow native found himself one step away from convincing surrender in the second tiebreaker. After. 27 WTA, actually saw tds n. 10 6-3 win in the decisive matchBut it was so cold that Elena found the necessary strength within herself Three consecutive match points must be cancelled – Answer first two – Another quarter in retaliation at the fifteenth point In a deciding match, the second set point shall be used and the decision postponed to the third. There was the final stage largely conditioned by the volatility of services: A whirlwind of tears and stitches, well into the third game 6 In the following 7 rounds of services. So a rewrite of the result was inevitable jeu decisifIf the regular set was a scene of repeated breaks, the final game was even worse: 3 A mini-break each, the seventh in favor of Goff, who ended the match. Despite this, Corey managed to win 13 Double faults were made and the second was enough of a 46% conversion. At the tactical level, it’s amazing Defense skills Atlanta’s class of 2004 proved to be superior for a long time Offensive broadsides Kazakh from the base.

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WTA 1000 Scoreboard in Toronto

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