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The super-timed pardon that makes Italians breathe

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In this period, families and businesses are in great distress towards the tax authorities.

The financial peace was a fiasco for many because more than a million demanded it, but then nearly half lost the benefit of not paying the installments on time. But let’s see the characteristics of this I overlook it can be a real shot in the arm for many.

At the moment, the situation of the debts of millions of Italians to the tax authorities is very heavy. Covid disease (Covid) and now inflation has brought families and businesses to their knees Unable to keep up with tax obligations. If the installment payment seemed like a breath of fresh air to many families and businesses, in reality many could not keep up with the installment payments and now they will have to pay everything together for what they did not do. Able to pay in installments.

A strong breath of fresh air

In such a complex scenario, it is clear to Italians that the ability to avoid indulging the tax authorities’ avalanche becomes increasingly difficult. But fortunately, there is an option that allows you to delete a lot of folders and for many this can be a salvation. Let’s see how it works and who can order it. All files reported by taxes Between 2000 and 2010 they benefited from scrapping which many Italians consider providence. But pay attention to the limit. In fact, we sometimes hear that the maximum clearance of folders from 2000 to 2010 is 5000 euros. This is actually not true. The scrapping limit is set at €5,000, but for every single item in the folder.

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How does it actually work

Therefore, even folders worth more than 5,000 euros, can benefit from cancellation, as long as they contain every item below this limit. But it is also true that some items can be deleted within one folder because they are less than 5000€ while others are not because they are higher. Therefore, the value of 5,000 euros pertains to each individual weight. To get deleted these folders you do not need to do anything because it is completely automatic.

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Therefore, unpaid stamps and fines as well as Tari fees or other pending fees of this type can be safely waived with the tax authorities as long as the file has been left by the Revenue Agency in the above period. So, not all folders will be deleted but only folders in this interval will be deleted. As mentioned, the procedure is automatic but the taxpayer must go to the revenue agency platform to check the actual status of the cancellation.

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