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A weekend full of curiosities, laboratories and experiments at the Città della Scienza events in Naples

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The weekend of January 21-22 at the Città della Scienza, entitled “Let’s Get Involved”, will offer all visitors the opportunity to explore, learn about and play with science.

Nature, as it also happens in competitions, has rules that all players (whether living beings or not) must respect in order to achieve results. Because protecting and caring for the environment are essential for the welfare and development of society.
In this great “game of the universe”, not all rules are fully known or understood. Scientists have an important role to play in defining and deepening these rules and Città della Scienza is publishing them so that each of us can play this game in the best possible way, for the benefit of all.
The program will include traditional experiments and games revisited in a scientific key, manipulations, quizzes and much more to test one’s skills and challenge friends and relatives on scientific topics.

As usual, there will be performances in the Planetarium, guided tours of the Interactive Museum of the Human Body, Corporea and temporary exhibitions: Insetti & Co, 7 Steps to Sustainability, “Space for the Future,” “Aquae. The Future is in the Ocean” And “The Bonelli Story – Looking at Procida. A Sea of ​​Storyboards.”

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