November 29, 2023

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The Social Network, is there a sequel to the movie? Here’s David Fincher’s mysterious statement

The Social Network, is there a sequel to the movie?  Here’s David Fincher’s mysterious statement

A sequel to is on the way Social network? 13 years after the success of the film, the director David Fincher Reveals there are plans for a potential sequel, in a vague statement to Watchman On the occasion of the publication of his latest work the killer.

Released in cinema on 2010, Social network Tells Facebook founding date, was originally intended as a website intended for Harvard students. The film traces the boom and global expansion of the social media network, along with the legal disputes between its founders, most notably the $600 million lawsuit filed against it. Mark Zuckerberg. It was enthusiastically received by critics, and it went on to win Three Oscars: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Soundtrack, and Best Editing.

Now, according to the latest updates, Fincher has contacted the original screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (Who at that time modified Ben Mizrish’s book Billionaires by chance – the invention of Facebook) to discuss the possibility of implementation Social network 2.

But don’t expect the release anytime soon: Fincher was particularly mysterious Regarding his intentions for the project, suggesting that it is a complex sequel to complete. But the idea seems to be there: “Aaron and I talked about it, but, um…it’s really a mess.”.

It’s hard to say exactly what the director is referring to. There will certainly be no shortage of material for a potential sequel Social network: The original film ends with a surprise success for Mark Zuckerberg The youngest billionaire in the worldBut at the same time, he shows his complete isolation from everyone around him who loves him. Over the years, the history of the social network has evolved, albeit with ups and downs, until the recent founding of Meta. This is true though Public perception Both the social network itself and its founder have changed radically recently, which could be a problem Risks from a business point of view.

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what do you think? Are you interested in a potential sequel to Social network?

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