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Brother Sister Film on Canale 5: Curiosity, why am I seeing it

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Just over a year after it debuted on Netflix My brother, my sister It reaches the first TV on Channel 5: that’s why you can watch the movie. The film follows the bond between two brothers, Nicola and Tesla, played by Alessandro Preziosi and Claudia Pandolfi, who will reunite after the sudden death of their father.

It debuted in October 2021 and now, over a year later, it will land in the nether region Channel 5. Around My brother, my sister, an Italian film produced by Mediaset and Netflix and directed by Roberto Capucci. project to be broadcasted Friday 25 November In prime time, as mentioned, on the conflicted relationship between two brothers, or rather Nicholas And the Teslarespectively before Alexander Precious And the Claudia Pandolfi. The two heroes haven’t heard from each other in years, but it will be the death of their esteemed professor father Julius Costato bring them together. Namely, with the guy’s funeral, the film will open, which will also include Ludovica Martino like caroline, Francesco Cavallo In the role of Sebastiano E Star EgyptLike Emma.

My brother, my sister Up to Channel 5: Why Bring Back Film

In the middle of the funeral of the esteemed Professor Julio Costa, in the presence of his daughter Tesla and his nephews Carolina and Sebastiano, a man bursts into the church in beach clothes: it is Nikola, Tesla’s brother. There is bad blood between the two sons of the deceased teacher, as they end their relationship after Nick chooses to abandon his family and his wife to go to Costa Rica, but because of his father’s last will, The two will have to reuniteah unexpected undertaking Difficult coexistence With unprecedented repercussions.

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Since its release on Netflix, My brother, my sister It met with great public success, placing itself in the top ten most watched titles in Italy. Fanfare due to the multiplicity of factors that make the project worthwhile. In addition to the two protagonists, the feature film also deserves to be redeemed for the participation of Ludovica Martino, Caterina Moreno, Stella Eguito and Francesco Cavallo. The latter in particular, in the role of a young man He suffers from schizophreniaIt delivers a sensitive and precise performance that reaches its peak at the end.

Also worth noting is Audio recordingWhich distinguishes the rhythm of the film and decorates some scenes, including the scenes that see “Seba” and “Nick” bent on playing. in the moonlight by Beethoven. However, anyone who approaches the movie with the intention of watching a “light” movie may be disappointed, because drama Certainly not absent from the dynamics My brother, my sister.

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