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The sky above San Marco

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After various stages of epidemic and traffic decline, recovery began for the Northeast airports in 2022: already in the mid-summer months from March 27 to October 31, the Polo-Save Group was made up of three airports in the Northeast Pole: Marco Polo of Venice (pictured), Canova of Treviso and Verona Kadullo – Reaches 80% of traffic was reached in 2019 and is expected to reach 90% in the last quarter of the year. Venice, in particular, is marked by the return of intercontinental contacts to North America (USA and Canada).

The domestic market, which represents 28% of the Polo offering capacity, expects to return to the modules of 2019 More than 5.5 million seats are up for sale and 15 seats are served. The United Kingdom, one of the most affected markets by the epidemic, is again the leading international market for polo, with an estimated 2.5 million seats up for sale at 13 British airports by 2022 (12% of the total offer, polo), confirming Veneto’s strong attraction to British tourism.

Germany, Spain and France complete the “TOP 5” list, With a discount of 5.3 million seats for sale (27% of total center) for 34 seats connected by 13 airlines. In intercontinental markets, 600,000 seats will be sold by 2022 and approximately 50% by 2019. In particular, Emirates will bring it to Venice in July. 4 to 5 weekly flights between Venice and Dubai; Toronto and Montreal are again provided by 2 carriers with 8 weekly frequencies; Atlanta, New York JFK, New York Newark and Philadelphia are connected by 3 airlines for a total of 28 flights per day each day. We fly from Verona to Tanzania and Kenya markets: Zanzibar and Mombasa in the summer, links to places in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean will resume in the winter.

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Hospitality land

Veneto is the land of the Olympics, but it is also the land of UNESCO sites: The nine World Heritage Awards are the driving force behind the growing demand for international tourism. Most visited places due to airport links, the beauty of Veneto and the connection between travelers from all over the world. It is a fact that airports are our jewels that always play an active role in the success story of Vanito tourism. Without the Northeast Airport system, we would not be the first tourist destination in Italy. We will not be the biggest industry in terms of revenue. Today, we firmly believe that the world will reopen: there is a desire for tourism, there is a desire for Veneto and our guests are the best customers for our businesses ”.

The head of the Veneto region said this at a press conference to present airport discoveries at the Palazzo Balpi in Venice, commenting on data on the number of passengers traveling through the three airports at the Save Northeast Pole. Group: Marco Polo in Venice, Canova in Treviso and Cadullo in Verona.

“With the Northeast Airport Pole, it can be said that we have maxed out our forces and plan to build. Conditions for resuming air traffic in 2022, Restoring some international and intercontinental flows and providing answers to new markets – Governor continued -. The epidemic crisis has hit the airport industry hard and the unknown factor of war continues to be felt on all fronts. We all shout for peace and say that muscle tests that increase the conflict are enough.

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“Northeast Pole airports are being reopened in line with our best forecasts. Hope and desire to travel and see the beauty of the area returned. The ability to create a system between airports, region and local authorities continues to be crucial. The path to the Milan-Cordina 2026 Olympics – Save Team Leader Underlined -. These are not only a goal in themselves, they are the foundation of a good path that our airports will be the driving force behind creating tourism and economic flows towards our territory. Today, the airport system presents itself to the world as a unitA team that works to give more and more value to the drivers of developmentWith the development of new aircraft and targets, intermediate and infrastructural improvements, with a constant focus on sustainable development and a commitment to achieve zero emissions by 2030.

D.Wind at stops

The first real recovery began in 2021. Verona recovered 40% of passengers, Treviso 38%, Venice 30%. Recovery is often determined by the strong components of domestic transport, which is the first segment to return to the aircraft. Compared to the other two airports, Venice’s recovery is slightly slower, due to the suspension of some international flights, especially between continents.

Northeast Airport has always played an active role in the success story of the Veneto region. Today Polo connects 135 cities and serves 45 countries 19.8 million seats are for sale by 57 airlines.

Data 2019: Northeast Airport Pole handles 18.5 million passengers, Veneto’s GDP ranks 3rd in Italy, 400 operators, 60 million tourists in the region.

By the end of 2022, there will be a total of 14.4 million passengers For the Northeast Airport Pole, it will recover 78% of the traffic volume achieved in 2019.

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In particular:

At Marco Polo in Venice 8.6 million passengers are expected, or 75% of traffic in 2019. There are 4 carriers in Venice: Ryanair and Wizz Air, which opened their bases this year, have a total of 12 aircraft based on four companies, in addition to the Volotea and EasyJet sites, which guarantees better access internationally and domestically with a larger network. Of point-to-point targets.

The Marco Polo transport network is characterized by strong growth in connections to European hubs by carriers, which stimulates flow to international and intercontinental destinations, and through direct long-distance connections that bring visitors back to the region. Missing for more than two years;

At Treviso Canova Airport 2.8 million passengers are expected, which is 85% of the registered traffic in 2019. Growth in passenger numbers is driven by the synergy between Venice and Treviso: 2 flights from the Ryanair base and the presence of VisAir connections at Canoa. Marco Polo ensures that the two companies offer a broad network as a whole with routes operated by the new sites;

At Cadullo Airport in Verona 3 million passengers are expected, which is 83% of what will be reached in 2019. Note carrier Volotea’s site for Verona Airport and Ryanair & Wizz Air’s growing investments contribute to meeting the airport’s needs. Users. International transport begins with 6 new destinations: Paris CDG, Barcelona, ​​Hamburg, Malta, Porto and Palma de Mallorca. The NIOS platform (Albitur Group) offers domestic and international medium and long distance routes, confirming Cadullow’s leadership in this market, thanks to 4 airport based aircraft (3 short distance and 1 long distance).

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