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Italy is the second tier and a possible crossover with Spain, Canada and the USA – OA Sport

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There is a date. March 29 at 4.00 pm will be staged Draw for 2023 Davis Cup Final in Malaga. i will be defined Four rounds, From September 12 to 17, in four different cities in several countries. Venues will be confirmed.

As per regulation, at the end of group stage, The top two in each group will play in the finals in SpainFrom the quarter to the final act, November 21 to 26. In this regard, the IDF also announced the brackets of the draw. One country from each of the four pots will be entered into each group, including the country hosting the group matches.

They are in the first tier Canada and AustraliaThe defending champion and finalist of the 2022 edition respectively, Spain and Croatia. to Italyinserted in the second layer, There could be a rematch against Canada who defeated the Azzurri in the semi-finals a year ago. Or Challenge against SpainWith a spectacular clash between Janic Sinner and Carlos Algaraz.

Tricolor selection can also be done Must visit Croatia again For the third year in a row, the quarter-finals in Turin in 2021 and the challenge in the group in 2022 or to finally meet Australia. Based on the current rankings, Bell Pies are included in the second band above England Cameron Norrie and Andy Murray, The Serbia Novak Djokovic E Holland. These teams cannot walk in the blue group.

However, it is important to pay attention to the location of the third band AmericaNot to be underestimated, very strong trained France, Sweden and the Czech Republic. Countries in four complete the picture: Chile, Finland, South Korea and Switzerland.

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Bands for 2023 Davis Cup Group Draw

Band 1: Australia, Canada, Spain, Croatia

Band 2: ItalyGreat Britain, Serbia, Holland

Band 3: USA, France, Sweden, Czech Republic

Band 4: Chile, Finland, South Korea, Switzerland

Photo: LaPresse

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