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The situation in the Italian league and European teams

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Inflammation and positivity boom after resuming preparation. Cases are on the rise abroad too

the league Various foreign leagues once again erupted into complete chaos due to the surge in injuries Corona virus disease It was revealed by swabs taken when preparations resumed after the Christmas holidays: positive cases appeared in almost all teams. And even abroad, the situation is complicated. Real time updates.

Team status by team
Atalanta: Four members of the team group have not been identified
Bologna: Santander Plus 4 sets of Primavera
Cagliari: Aresti, Bellanova, Cragno, Deiola, Lovato, Grassi and 5 Primavera players
Fiorentina: two positive players
Genoa: Serpi and two other players
Juventus: symbolic
Rome: Darboe and two players whose identities have not been announced
Sampdoria: not positive
Salerno: Eight positive players
Sassuolo: Footballer
Turin: 4 soccer players
Udinese: nine players
Venezia: five positives

COVID FOCOLAIO in Venice, in danger of the match with Inter?
Covid-19 outbreak in Venice: there are certainly some positives among cardholders. The utmost confidentiality applies to the number of players who have contracted the virus, and determination of positivity is known to be a test based on rapid swabs given to athletes. The club is waiting, before publishing official information, to obtain a complete picture of the number of people involved, with the results of the latest molecular swabs determined tomorrow. It is still too early to say whether the club will be able to play the first leg in Milan against leaders Inter, scheduled for Saturday at 6 pm. It is positive, so nine players, the whole team is on hold.

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Salernitana, another positive
“The American Salernitana 1919 has announced that after swabs taken today, another player has tested positive for Covid-19. The members of the positive team are currently 8.”

Cagliari, also positive for CRAGNO and DEIOLA
Cagliari Calcio announced that the latest diagnostic tests carried out have revealed positive for the Covid-19 virus of Alessio Cragno and Alessandro Diola: both vaccinated, asymptomatic, in home isolation. The club has started the necessary procedures and remains in contact with the competent health authorities. The test result is negative and Covid Christian Oliva has recovered. There are currently 11 positive cases between the first team and Primavera.

The new COVID protocol: stop with 9 points
In the new Covid protocol for sports, it has been established that with 35% of the positive team pool, athletes will be suspended with the match postponed. The percentage must be calculated on the team and varies from sport to sport: For football (League I, B, C), FIFA says 25 confirmed items have already appeared in recent weeks. even with 9 positive players out of 25 (The list containing the list of members of the “Athletes Group” via Pec must be transmitted by the Company to the relevant league before the next official match and may subsequently be changed, in accordance with the regulations and in the manner established by each league, only in relation to the names of which it is composed), The team stopped and the match was postponed. Only positives are important and not available: if there are 6 positives and 3 injured due to other causes, then we play. For high-risk contacts, 5-day antigen tests, and masking FFP2 outside of sports activities, for low-risk contacts, ministerial indications are followed. The protocol is valid regardless of vaccination status.

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LIGUE 2, postponed to another match
The French Professionals Federation announced the postponement of the third match of the twenty-second day of the second division, which was initially scheduled for this weekend. After Auxerre-Paris FC and Pau-Nîmes, due to the number of players from Burgundy and Gard with positive or absent results, Valenciennes Nancy, scheduled for 7 p.m., was also postponed, “based on a notification from the National Covid Committee regarding the number of players in Valenciennes with positive results and absentees.” Definitely about racing.” Like the other two matches, this match has been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 1st.

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