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Alpine Hockey League, Renon is the new leaders after the success against Cortina – FISG

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Great shot by Rittner Buam Sky Alps who won at Ritten Arena against SG Cortina Hafro by 4:1 And the first place was taken by the people of Ambizu. It could have been an evening of hockey for the Unterland Cavaliers but the team from Bassa Atesina was defeated in Salzburg by the minor Bulls by 3 to 2. With Jesenice still resting, the Master Round standings were completely shortened as all five teams were placed within four points. For the continuation of the tournament, which promises to be very exciting for the best position in the table.

In the first group of qualifying rounds, Gerdina beat bottom club Steel Wings Linz at home by a score of 3 to 1. Consolidating second place although the three points were very sweaty with opponents from Upper Austria proving to be beyond reach. Leaders Zell am See falter losing Vepiteno on penalties 4 to 3. However, the Broncos, despite the success, are still below the play-off qualification line but with the same points as the Vaasa (tonight on rest).

In qualifying group B comes another defeat from HC Merano Pircher which was surpassed at home 4-6 by Lustenau with the Vorarlberg Lions taking second and passing the Eagles. Still, Merano always stays in the pre-qualifying zone two points ahead of Bregenzerwald, the team currently below the pre-qualifying line rests tonight.

Third success of the season for Renon against Cortina. On February 2nd, back to the Olympico. Then it will be a search for the scudetto

Master tours

Thanks to the success at home 4: 1 against SG Cortina Hafro, Rittner Buam SkyAlps They took the lead in the Masters Tour. For South Tyrol, this was the second success in the second match of the intermediate group. For Cortina, this was the first defeat in the third round, which is why Ampezzo’s team again dropped to second place in the standings, along with Ritten. For Renon, this is already his fourth victory in a row. After 24 minutes, South Tyrol took the lead 2: 0, before Cortina managed to reduce the score to 1: 2 in the 32nd minute. Just before the end of the second half, Marco Insam regained the lead with two goals in the power play. Finally, in the last half, the hosts cleared it all up with a goal into an empty net with two minutes remaining. The two teams will meet on February 2 at the Olimpico and then from week 7 to February 11 they will be champions with Unterland and Merano in search of the scudetto in the 89th edition of the IHL – Serie A.

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Young Bulls defeat Unterland. The Cavaliers miss out on the chance to take the lead in the Alps after defeating Cortina in Collalbo

Below the Master Rebound table, the Red Bull Hockey Juniors celebrate their first win in Game 2 of Stage 2. For South Tyrol it was the second defeat in the third match of the main round with the Cavaliers now in third place in the table. Until about seven minutes before the end of the game, Red Bull Hockey Juniors still led 2:0, before Unterland managed to equalize within four minutes to make it 2:2. But 37 seconds after the tie, the Young Bulls won 3:2. Daniel It was 18-year-old Asavoliuk who scored the game-winning goal for the RBJs, who celebrated their second victory in their third AHL duel with Unterland.

Group A qualified to play. The leaders see Zell am slowly

Zell am See loses in Vipiteno and Gerdina is close to two points
The leaders of Group A qualifying, EK Die Zeller Eisbären, suffered a 3:4/SO defeat against Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan. As a result, the Pinzgau team is still two points ahead of the runner-up HC Gherdeina, who beat Steinbach Steel Wings Linz 3:1. The Broncos are still in fourth place in the standings, and therefore eliminated from the preliminary rounds. However, they have the same number of points as third-placed Vasa. Against the Polar Bears, South Tyrol led 3:1 until eight and a half minutes from the end of the game, when Henrik Neubauer scored his second goal of the evening and Christian Geniz equalized. In the shootout, it was Marcus Gander who scored the winning penalty for the Broncos.

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Gerdina struggled for a long time against the steel wingers before Simon Becheller put it all right with a 3:1 goal with 85 seconds left. For the South Tyrolites, this is the third victory in the third duel of the season against Southern Austria, who still have to wait for their first win in the AHL against the Furies of Val Gardena.

In group B, Mirano loses at home to Lustenau and slides to the third position

Lustenau beats Merano at MeranArena in an uncontested match
EHC Lustenau clearly defeated HC Meran/o Pircher 6:2 to overtake South Tyroleans in the standings and move into second place in the B qualifying round, and thus in the pre-qualifying race. Vorarlberg is four points clear of fourth place. Merano is third, two points behind fourth-placed Bregenzerwald. Although the South Tyrolean team took the lead after only 37 seconds through Brunner, the guests from Lustenau managed it 5: 1 with five and a half minutes remaining in the match. Maximilian Wilvain was the only player to score two goals.

Alpine Hockey League | 26.01.2023:
Main courses:
Red Bull Hockey Juniors – Otterland Cavaliers Hockey 3: 2 (1: 0, 1: 0, 1: 2)
Referees: Lehner, Ruetz, Eisl, Reisinger. | Zoshawar: 74
RPG goals: 1: 0 Mayer or. (10. Auer L.), 2: 0 Auer L. (39./PP1 Meyer O. – Stifler D.), 3: 2 Asafoliuk D. (57. Stifler D. – Meyer O.)
HCU targets: 2: 1 Haarala S. (53. Markkula M.), 2: 2 Markkula M. (57. Kaufmann M. – Haarala S.)

Reitner Boam Sky Alps vs SG Cortina Havero 4:1 (1:0, 2:1, 1:0)
Referees: Lazzeri, Lega, Basso, De Zordo. | Zoshawar: 477
RIT goals: 1: 0 Hofer A. (12. Tavi J. – Fink K.), 2: 0 Mäkelä A. (24. Fink K. – Prast J.), 3: 1 Insam M. (40./PP1 Fink K. – Kostner S.), 4:1 Spinell M. (59./EN/SH1 Insam M. – Hawkey H.)
Goal: 2: 1 Barnabo L. (32. De Zanna R. – Adami F.)

Qualifying Round A:
Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan – EK Die Zeller Eisbären 4:3 / SO (0:1, 2:0, 1:2)
Referees: Holzer, Motion, Fleischmann, Spiegel. | Zoshawar: 201
Goals WSV: 1: 1 Zecchetto A. (23. Eisendle P.), 2: 1 Jokinen J. (38. McBride S. – Giftopoulos R.), 3: 1 Maylan J. (41.), 4: 3 Gander AD (65./SO)
Targets EKZ: 0: 1 Neubauer H. (11. Wilenius T. – Ban D.), 3: 2 Neubauer H. (52. Widen F. – Putnik P.), 3: 3 Jennes C. (56./PP1 Wilenius T. – Hammalainen A.)

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HC Gherdeina – ​​Steinbach Steel Wings Linz 3:1 (1:0, 1:1, 1:0)
Referees: Benfigno, Bulovic, Jerome, Pace. | Zoshawar: 689
Goals GHE: 1: 0 Sölva M. (17. Sullmann Pilser M. – Willeit C.), 2: 1 Kasslatter H. (34. McGowan B. – Brugnoli J.), 3: 1 Pitschieler S. (59. Luisetti M – Solomon Belser M.)
Goal: 1: 1 Lahtinen N. (30./PP1)

Qualifying round (B):
EC Die Adler Stadtwerke Kitzbühel – EC-KAC Future Team 3:2 / OT (1:0, 0:0, 1:2)
Referees: Schauer, Weidmann, Rinker, Telesclav. | Zoshawar: 421
KEC goals: 1: 0 Niemelä J. (13. Pallierer T. – Bolterle P.), 2: 1 Szabad K. (56. Pallierer T. – Geifes T.), 3: 2 Lahnaviik R. (64./OT Koronen J. – Niemelä J.)
KFT targets: 1: 1 Tialler C. (50. Klassek S.), 2: 2 Thyich M. (59. Unterluggauer N. – Waschnig L.)

HC Meran/o Pircher – EHC Lustenau 2:6 (1:2, 0:1, 1:3)
Referees: BAJT, STEFENELLI, Arlic, Bergant. | Zoshawar: 425
HCM targets: 1:0 Brunner P. (1. Tomasini P.), 2:6 Berger J. (58. Fuchs J. – Mitterer T.)
EHC targets: 1:1 Larsen M. (8. Puschnik K. – Wilfan M.), 1:2 Wilfan M. (10. Hrdina S.), 1:3 Puschnik K. (34./PP1 Wilfan M.) , 1:4 Wilvan M. (41./PP1 D´Alvise C. – Larsen M.), 1:5 Wilfan M. (55./SH1 König D.), 1:6 König D. (57. Gratzer S.)

Masters tour arrangement

  1. Renon 7 points (2 games)
  2. Cortina 7 points (3 matches)
  3. Unterland 6 points (3 matches)
  4. Jesenice 5 points (2 matches)
  5. Salzburg 3 points (2 matches)

The standings of the preliminary round qualifiers, the first group

  1. Zell am See 10 points (2 matches)
  2. Gerdina 8 points (3 matches)
  3. Vasa 5 points (2 matches)
  4. Sterilization 5 points (2 matches)
  5. Linz 1 point (3 matches)

Standings Pre-qualifiers, Group B

  1. Kitzbühel 11 points (3 games)
  2. Lustenau 6 points (2 matches)
  3. Merano 4 points (2 matches)
  4. Bregenzerwald 2 points (1 match)
  5. Klagenfurt 2 points (2 matches)

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