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“I’ve already won my game” –

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to Giovanni Giardani

Cremona, Samuele Agarossi has passed physical exams and heart tests at Aia and Figc. First appearance on the pitch for “Giovanissimi Provinciali” in the Corona-Esperia Challenge: “Less race, more study of the rules (and a special Var that helps me when I’m away from the action)”

Its best quality? never give up. Samuele Agarossi, 19, from the village of San Martino del Lago in the province of CremonaHe has strength, courage and stubbornness. On Sunday, March 13, at 9.30 in Cremona, Samuel judged the football challenge in the category “Youth Districts” between Corona and Esperia. This will be his fourth match, but for The Hague and Cremona, it will be his first official match. There will be paparazzi and authorities, because the event is one of the important, they are very important: Samuel has actually succeeded in making his dream come true despite the handicap of his movement slowing him down in some movements. How he did it, he explains himself: “By putting aside preconceived notions, and putting a lot of passion into them. In addition to a lot of applications. I am not an arbitrator for work, of course, on the contrary I am happy with my course of study, because in a few months I would like to obtain a scientific high school diploma at Casalmaggiore; Then I will study physics at university. But football is my passion: and if I can’t play it, I still want to be an active champion.” Samuele played as a left winger for Cingia dè Botti .It is another city among the many small towns scattered in the southeastern region of the Cremona province. Then he stopped, but the heart still beats for football. Until…” Until I saw a billboard on a bus that took me to school. Great ad from The Hague, Cremona, who was recruiting new rulers. My flashlight went on and I tried. Now, here I am. ”

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Hague and FIGC tests

Andrea Dinicoli, the delegate of the Province of Cremona, and Gian Mario Marinoni, the chief referee of Cremona, define Samuel as “extremely prepared and very meticulous in studying grammar”. Samuel again: “I want to indicate that I have passed the fitness, cardio and fitness testsSo nothing was given to me. For my part, I try to be more careful: I know I can’t always be too close to the action, and so I make up for that by knowing the rules. I would probably like the theory, knowing that I could then put it into practice. I remember well the first words of my chief Marinoni: “Are you ready? So don’t worry, you know what to do”. In fact, I’m doing really well: I don’t feel pressured, because judging is fun for me. Maybe it was the fact that he played until he was 12-13 years old, following many games, especially Atalanta, and trying to review the more complex procedures often helps me. Suppose I haven’t made mistakes yet, as my superiors emphasized. However, I have a mentor on the sideline who follows me and helps me out maybe when the ball is a bit far. Kind of Var: But until now I’ve never needed to ask for support. Moreover, the teacher will accompany me for three more matches, and then I will be alone: ​​this step does not frighten me, also because I must say that the young athletes I mentor are very polite and respectful. good mark “.

First appearance on the field

Samuel’s first official appearance will be on Sunday 13 March in Cremona: his mother will be there too. “She’s more excited than me, but I think that’s normal. Anyway, it’s a small goal rather than an access point. I don’t think about the profession of referee, I think about doing my best. And when I can’t be in the field, I will be able to help many young people. It takes passion and confidence in oneself and also on the part of others: I am fortunate to have found both. genuinely”.

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