Home sport Funny, Roberto and football as it should be

Funny, Roberto and football as it should be

Funny, Roberto and football as it should be

Few words and simple concepts, which nonetheless make a huge difference in the world compared to the useless toxins we often have to deal with. The quarter-finals that were worth reaching the semi-finals, and above all, the possibility of chasing the title and the result, which is beyond doubt in the green rectangle. 70 minutes of fears and stress, of dreams and hopes: and then a triple whistle that puts an end to everything. Then friends as before. Exchange of jokes between technicians Vigor Perconti And Tour Tree Test He could not leave us indifferent and like many beautiful things that characterize our football, this one also deserves to be highlighted. Damien Bova Who pays tribute to the recently defeated boss, Francis Robert Who responds with “good luck” and a nice joke. A few simple words and concepts that remind us of what this great sport should be like, especially the one we live in our home country. Ambience we confirmed just three days ago, during the delivery GR Top Player Which made us rediscover Lazio football as one big family: fair play between all the champions, mutual praise and lots of smiles on the stage of the Capanel Racecourse. For in the end the fields we all muster are the same, the faces are always the same: there may be adversaries, indeed they ought to, but there are never enemies.


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