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American football billionaires aim to host the 2026 World Cup – La Voce di New York

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The ball begins to roll and kick It enters the hearts of Americans. More and more entrepreneurs are winking at the Italian national sport which, however, is still struggling to explode in the US because, in my opinion, it lacks the necessary media to attract our fans. Serie A should put a little pressure on the media and speed up marketing to create more appeal towards the MLS (Major Football League).”

Giorgio Chiellini, photo ANSA

A quasi-mathematical analysis on the football scene between Italy and the United States presented by Cany sugarmanAnd the The president of the Philadelphia Association, the team managed with the same management behavior used by ISTAR, his real estate company, this morning the guest of the meeting with the press organized by GEI (a group of Italian preachers, headed by Mario Calvo Platero) at the racket and tennis club of New York.

The investment pioneer in professional American football did not shy away from questions, especially when asked about his future investment in Italian teams.

“Many American entrepreneurs have already invested in your football, realizing the potential that the market offers – said Sugarman diplomatically – just a few weeks ago the First Division came to the United States to promote this increasingly prized sport. However, it must That the League make additional media efforts to enter the competitive US market,” while emphasizing that this sport, like other games, is a business that must follow two paths: strategy and competitive advantage.

In terms of competition, long-term US investors are looking forward to the 2026 World Cup that will be held in the United States. “American football is growing, as evidenced by the presence of 30 academies, football academies, which are football training centers that follow the athlete at every stage. The US national team itself is increasingly becoming champions in the world football jigsaw. We are on the right track.”

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Lorenzo Insigne Pictures Ansa

The meeting, moderated by Mario Platero, sheds light on one of the most beloved sports in the world, especially in Italy, which is experiencing a kind of exodus of players who are ready to pursue career prospects with exciting earnings. In the Shadow of the Statue of Liberty ‘.. Chiellini’s arrival in Los Angeles and Insigne in Toronto also shows that the invasion of Italian footballers in the United States and Canada in the future will only increase, and thousands of fans will be drawn into American stadiums. Which represents one of the biggest potential markets especially now that matches are a real digital business for Apple TV as well.

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