December 6, 2023

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The Science and Philosophy Festival is a popular success

The Science and Philosophy Festival is a popular success

Fabriano’s first edition of the Festival of Science and Philosophy organized by the Rotary Club of Fabriano in collaboration with the Laboratory of Experimental Sciences of Foligno ended with great success. Great participation and approval of the public. The cities of Fabriano and Foligno united in the name of culture in the context of the twelfth “Festa di Scienza e Filosofia – Virtute e Canoscenza”, which was held in Foligno from April 20 and had the title “Ulysses of the 21st Century. Science as a Tool to Address Global Crises”. A parallel section of the event was hosted by Fabriano, with 16 conferences that saw important speakers arrive in the city, welcomed in symbolic spaces of the city provided by the Fabriano Municipality and the Carifac Foundation. The festival also featured a lab section for secondary school students sponsored by the universities of the Marche region. Our region is a neighborhood, they share the Apennines as well as history, and our idea is to contribute, together with Fabriano and other cities in the coming years, to become this meeting that belongs to the whole of central Italy “.

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