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Cartabianca and Orsini appear about the war: “The United States does not want peace and the arrest of Putin …”

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Alessandro Orsini was a guest on the last episode of Cartabianca, the evening talk show on Rai3 hosted by Bianca Berlinguer, and explored several issues related to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The professor wanted to stress how recent moves by the West are delaying the end of hostilities: “The International Criminal Court is a tool in the hands of the West to strike at its opponents. The arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin separates peace from the possibility of dialogue. How can we make a deal with a war criminal?”

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Then he condemns the words of John Kirby, spokesman for the US Security Council: “The United States does not want peace, not even a cease-fire. Putin is a war criminal and Volodymyr Zelensky is on the same level. Not only peace, but also opposes the cease-fire. The White House officially declared that it is against the cease-fire, and the position of the United States is the enemy of peace and the cease-fire. The official position of the White House, Kirby said, is that the war should continue even without stopping for an hour .

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Then Orsini, Professor of Sociology of International Terrorism, concluded: “I do not question Russia committed crimes, I question the fact that the European Union has lost its reason. The European Council of Foreign Ministers has decided that we will produce 1 million munitions, for 2 billion euros, To deliver it to Ukraine by 2023. Everything we do, including the arrest warrant against Putin, is against peace.

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