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Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | Zelensky: Moscow controls 20% of the country. NATO: “Prepare for a long war”

Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war |  Zelensky: Moscow controls 20% of the country.  NATO: “Prepare for a long war”
From Francesco Battistini, Marta Serafini

News on Friday, June 3 about the war, live. Stoltenberg after meeting Biden: preparing for a long usurious war. The Russian army is still advancing east, 50 embassies have reopened in Kyiv

• war in Ukraine Reached the 100th day (Here are the avatars for the first 100 days.)

• The Russian forces continue to advance in the east. Zelensky denounces: Moscow occupies 20% of our territory.
According to US intelligence Russian President Vladimir Putin has been diagnosed with cancer In an advanced stage, in March, he would have survived an assassination attempt.
• The green light for the sixth EU sanctions package against Russia. Patriarch Kirill was removed from the black list of persons subject to sanctions.
• Ukrainian President thanks Biden and the United States for Supplying modern HIMARS rocket launchers

• Matarella: Russian aggression undermines peaceful coexistence.
• NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg after meeting Biden: The West must prepare for a long war of usury.

06:40 – Medvedev, sanctions must be lifted to lower food prices

Speaking on Al-Jazeera, Vice-President of the Russian Security Council Dmitriy Medvedev Talk about the high costs of food for the West: sanctions against Russia must be lifted to reduce intellectual propertyInternational food pricesHe said in the interview, according to TASS. Medvedev said the West’s attempt to blame Russia for the global food crisis was a lie and that lifting sanctions would be enough to lower food prices. He said that to improve food security around the world, and improve the food situation, we need to abandon mutual sanctions and prices will start to fall.

06:14 – 50 embassies resumed their activities in Kyiv

A sign of confidence and hope in the Ukrainian capital. I m truly 50 embassies who have resumed their work Kyiv. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the Kyiv Independent newspaper reported. Zelensky concluded that every new embassy that returns to our capital is a testament to our confidence in our victory.

06:10 – Zelensky on Facebook: Thank us! Confirmed dispatch of HIMARS missile launcher

In a Facebook video, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky She wanted to repeat the news: The United States confirmed at various levels that Modern HIMARS missile launcher It will be sent to our country. Confirmation gives impetus to the counterattack against the Russian army. These weapons will really help us with that Save the lives of our people And to protect our land – added Zelensky. I am grateful to President Biden, to all of our American friends and to the people of the United States for their support. We can’t wait.

06:07 – Stoltenberg after meeting Biden: We are ready for a long war

We must be prepared for a long war. Thus, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens StoltenbergAfter meeting at the White House with the President, Joe Bidenvice president Kamala Harris and National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan. Stoltenberg said that the Ukrainians are paying a heavy price, but that Russia is also suffering significant losses. Stoltenberg said the conflict would end at the negotiating table and NATO should support Ukraine to allow Kiev to achieve the best outcome.

Stoltenberg then added that it was up to Ukraine to decide whether to cede territory to Russia to negotiate an end to the war.

06:05 – US intelligence reported that Putin has cancer

Russian President Vladimir Putin He allegedly has cancer, in an advanced stage, and was undergoing specific cancer treatments last April. Writing it – as I reported exclusively to Newsweek, which cites three high-ranking sources with direct knowledge of the file – would be a US intelligence report.

Here is the full article.

06:03 – Mattarella: Italy is moving towards peace

Italy is moving for peace. The chief said that Sergio Mattarella in his letter to the Chief of Defense StaffAdmiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragon on the occasion of Republic Day. The Republic is obligated to create conditions for peace, and its armed forces contribute to this task, on the basis of the mandates entrusted by the Government and Parliament. Italy and the entire international community play a central role in promoting dialogue. We must do it together. Our experience has shown us how stable and lasting coexistence can be built, even in the aftermath of bloody conflicts.

Peace does not impose itself on its own, but is the fruit of the will and concrete commitment of men and nations. Peace based on respect for people’s dignity, their territorial boundaries, the rule of law and democratic sovereignty; Peace based on the use of diplomacy as a means to resolve crises between nations. A peace based on respect for human rights, the President of the Republic continues in his message.

And Mattarella writes again: On June 2, seventy-six years ago, by the choice of the Republic, the Italian people set out on the path of peace, ignoring the martial adventures of a tyrannical regime like the fascist one. An option officially ratified in the Constitution – our contribution – and in it from the armed forces – to the cause of peace and international cooperation – adds the Head of State – marked by accession to the North Atlantic Treaty signed between states. Who love freedom, with the gradual and growing construction of European unity, participation in the United Nations and its initiatives. It was possible to create an atmosphere of increased confidence, which, by reducing tensions, made it possible to reduce the causes and climate of confrontation at times to the limits of conflict, without going beyond those that lead to conflict.

06:00 – Weapons, trenches, logistics and intelligence: the first 100 days of war in Ukraine

Andrea Marinelli and Guido OlympioIt has been 100 days since that morning on February 24, when Russian forces entered Ukraine from the north, east and south, and began what Russian President Vladimir Putin He called it a special military operation. In fact, it was a real war, which at the first stage was aimed at decapitating the Kyiv government and occupying all the lands east of the Dnipro River: the plan was already derailed in the first 48 hours, when Volodymyr Zelensky refused to leave. The Ukrainian state and resistance stood against the invaders and inflicted heavy losses on the army.

Here is the military point.

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