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Irene Nemirovsky meets Federica Lauto at the Co-Stanza space in Florence

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Saturday 22 October 2022at 17.00, Common room space (Via del Ponte alle Mos, 32-38 am – Florence) will host”Irene’s Suite“with Federica Lottoauthor of the autobiographical novel on Irene Nemirovsky. Appointment is part of Calendar is closed from the festival women’s heritage. Starting with the book published by the publishing house Pluralit will be possible to rediscover them togetherauthor The character of this writer, passionate and prolific, was born in Kyiv and died in Auschwitz. Woman, wife, mother. But, above all, a writer. Then there will be Read Actress Silvia Benvenuto and theAperitif From the Co-Stanza space.

Federica Lauto’s autobiographical novel begins with a literary stunt about the discovery of a mysterious manuscript (which is what happened recently with Némirovsky’s unpublished text, autumn storm) which turned out to be a posthumous text by Nemirovsky, a memoir with a saving intention, written while the author was in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Traces his biography, beginning in childhood in UkraineAnd the Irene’s Suite It takes you on a journey into the inner world of One of the most important and prolific authors of the twentieth centuryAnd the Irene Nemirovsky, whose days are intertwined with the days of history with “capitals”: from the Russian Revolution to Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, from Hitler’s rise to power to the outbreak of World War II. In Federica Lauto’s homage to Nemirovsky, the desire to belong to where she lives is also shown, particularly in Paris, a city that will make her feel loved and rejected, like a welcome daughter she never wanted.

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Federica Lotto, a former equal opportunity counselor at Grado, writer and psychotherapist, passionate about singing and her lake. While studying he lived in Padua, where he worked in the school integration service for visually impaired children. Federica was among the participants in the talent show for aspiring writers Masterpiece, broadcast on Ray Tree. He is working on his next novel about Marguerite Duras.

Plural it’s a Publishing house All females, who publish author books to feed the feminist debate, with a holistic and intersectional perspective, come from different backgrounds and countries, and experiences: unpublished manuscripts, books never translated in Italy, but also publications that have become unobtainable, with captivating. and original graphics. Two of the founding members are located in Florence.

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