Home entertainment Keanu Reeves donates 70% of his profits to cancer research

Keanu Reeves donates 70% of his profits to cancer research

Keanu Reeves donates 70% of his profits to cancer research

the Generous Keanu Reeves It is not a mystery. Over the years, in fact, it has been confirmed by colleagues and ordinary people, but there is more. In fact, the actor has always been personally involved in the fight against cancer. Just about this comes the news: Reeves allegedly donated 70% of his profits to Matrix Research.

According to Lad Bible, in fact, the actor donated a portion of his salary to the 1999 movie and would have gone on to do the same for the next two chapters, To a figure of approximately $31.5 million, available for research on leukemia. Considering that his gross wage was 45 million, we are talking about a good portion of his salary.

The gesture seems to be motivated by the fact that the actor’s sister Kim, during the time he filmed the first Matrix. He was battling the same disease, he was diagnosed in 1991. When Kim went into remission 10 years later, Keanu didn’t leave the case, and set up an organization. In 2009, Reeves said, “I have a private foundation that’s been in business for 5/6 years and has been helping children’s hospitals and cancer research. I don’t like being associated with my name.” [alla fondazione]I just want to let him do what he does.”

Therefore, the actor is doing what he can for the cause, even having a 15-minute meeting with him on Zoom as he did in 2020, a very tough year for research. Proceeds, in this case, were donated entirely to Camp Rainbow Gold, a program for children with cancer. A gesture that shows how much Reeves tries to use his great influence in the best way.

Meanwhile, the actor is back in cinemas as Neo in the new chapter of the franchise, The Matrix 4 didn’t impress the critics: Did you see him?


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