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The Russian-Ukrainian War, News of April 27 | The missile barrage in the south. Biden: We are close to Ukraine –

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09:23 am – Zelensky: “Britain is a leader in the coalition of warplanes”

Zelensky spoke to Timothy Barrow, the British Prime Minister’s National Security Adviser, about further strengthening support for Ukraine’s defense and called on the British side to lead the way in the so-called “warplane coalition” to provide the country’s fighter jets.

“I would like to ask you to continue convincing your partners of the need to provide Ukraine with all the necessary weapons and military equipment,” Zelensky said, later stressing the importance of receiving Western warplanes from international partners, as well as other types of weapons. needed to repel the Russian invaders. The two sides also discussed preparations for the NATO summit to be held in Vilnius this summer. Zelensky said that Ukraine expects specific decisions from the summit that would bring the end of the war closer and strengthen European security.

British Foreign Secretary James And wittily, he reaffirmed NATO’s promise to make Ukraine a future memberbut at the moment the diplomat believes that the main attention should be paid to strengthening the defense capabilities of Ukraine.

09:17 am – Isw: Russia moves armored vehicles from Crimea to Ukraine’s Donetsk region

According to reports from the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the Russians from Crimea are preparing for a counterattack by the armed forces. As analysts write, satellite images indicate that Russian forces have moved armored vehicles and artillery systems from Crimea (the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in March 2014) to an unspecified area as of April 25. “Russian forces can transfer military equipment to support the ongoing Russian offensive operations in the Donetsk region or other areas of the front, in preparation for a possible counterattack from Ukraine,” Esso explained.

09:14 – the first performance of Ukraine in the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Smyhall, arrived at the Vatican this morning to welcome Pope Francis. The Ukrainian prime minister will then go to talks with Cardinal Foreign Minister Petro Parolin. Public, an important moment in the Holy See’s relations with the country at war and within the framework of papal diplomacy with regard to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, takes place on the eve of Pope Bergoglio’s departure from his trip to Hungary, a country that shares part of its border with Ukraine. Yesterday in Rome, Smyhal participated in the bilateral conference for the reconstruction of his country. Security arrangements around the Vatican were beefed up this morning for the arrival of the Ukrainian delegation.

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09:11am – Georgia Meloni: “In talking with Zelensky, Italy is betting on Ukraine’s future”

“I had a fruitful conversation with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. As promised in Kiev two months ago, we organized a reconstruction conference in Rome yesterday. Italy is betting on the future of Ukraine,” the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, wrote in a tweet.

07:31 – Fighting intensified in Bakhmut, 324 attacks in 24 hours

The Russian army attacked the city of Bakhmut 324 times during the past 24 hours with artillery and multiple rocket launchers. Serhiy Sherevaty, spokesman for the East Ukraine Forces group, told Ukrainian national television, adding that Russian forces have intensified their attacks on the key city to take control of the industrial Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. “The Russians are demolishing buildings in Bakhmut to prevent our soldiers from using them as fortifications,” Sharifati said. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said, in a Facebook report, that fighting broke out in Pakhmut and nearby areas. He added that the Russian forces failed to advance on two villages in the northwest, while at least dozens of localities were exposed to Russian fire. On the other hand, the commander of the Russian mercenary force, Wagner, said that more and more Ukrainian forces are pouring into the region under an “inevitable” counterattack.

07:24 – Russia, Moscow’s plan to exert its influence on foreign countries

Russia plans to create, with international participation, a fictitious scientific organization, to exert influence, to restore contacts with individual countries from which it was subjected to sanctions in the aftermath of the war that moved Ukraine, and after that, to assert one’s interests. Investigations revealed a strategic document attributed to the Kremlin. It is, in particular, the “Baltic Platform”, which is an official scientific forum that should bring together experts from different countries to deal with pollution in this sea. According to the document, which was drawn up in 2023, together with the “Baltic Platform”, Moscow intends to transmit positive messages to Western countries, influencing public opinion. The Kremlin document explicitly names Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as targets, while also mentioning Germany and Scandinavia. The “Baltic Platform”, which has been in force since the fall of 2023, should carry out “a gradual transition in discussion from non-political topics to current political content,” according to what can be read in the document of the Russian presidency.

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05:24 am – Zelensy: More than 2,000 Ukrainians freed from Russian captivity

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, a total of 2,279 Ukrainian prisoners have been rescued and sent home. This was stated, according to what the Kyiv Independent portal wrote on social media, by President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video address.

04.40 am – Mayor of Mykolaiv: Four powerful explosions

“At about 1 am, residents of Mykolaiv 4 heard loud explosions,” wrote the city’s mayor Oleksandr Senkevich in Telegram. One of the missiles hit a skyscraper. Another was hit, a private house,” he said, explaining that some houses in the city are without electricity. Vitaly Kim, head of the military administration for the region, confirmed the preliminary data: “At the moment we know that there are 15 injured and one killed.” Mykolaiv is located on the Black Sea, about 170 kilometers away. of Crimea, which was annexed by Moscow.It has been repeatedly targeted by Russian forces since the invasion began in February 2022.More than 8,000 civilians have been killed in Ukraine since then, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.These figures, which were last updated, added to the UNHCR. In mid-March, likely underreported.The new attack comes 24 hours after another missile attack, which targeted a museum in the near front-line city of Kobyansk in the northeast.The attack killed 2 and injured 10, prompting the president Volodymyr Zelensky once again accused Russia of wanting to erase the history and culture of Ukraine.

Last Sunday, Ukrainian intelligence services allegedly tried to kill Vladimir Putin with an explosive drone. Although the ambush failed, the Russian authorities reportedly kept the attempt a secret. write it there Build. On the afternoon of April 23, a UJ-22 drone was launched from Ukraine with a range of 800 km and carrying “30 blocks of C4 explosives, with a total weight of 17 kg”. The target was supposed to be the Rudnevo Industrial Park, near Moscow, where a visit from Putin would have taken place. However, the drone crashed 20 km before. It is not clear whether Putin’s visit to the site ever took place.

02:08 a.m. – Biden, the United States, and South Korea are on the side of the Ukrainian people

The United States and South Korea together “to support the people of Ukraine.” President Joe Biden wrote this on his official Twitter account, commenting on President Yoon Sok Yul’s visit to the White House. Biden commented that the two countries “share a commitment with the people of Ukraine against the brutal assault on their democracy.” “The issue of Russia’s flagrant violation of international law is important for countries everywhere, not just in Europe,” he added.

02:01 Russian Kiev missiles hit Mykolaiv, one dead and 15 wounded

Russian forces launched an attack on Mykolaiv, killing one person and wounding five others. This was reported by the Kiev Independent newspaper, explaining that the area was hit by four S-300 missiles. At least one of them hit a multi-storey apartment building, while another hit a private residence.

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