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The roles assigned to local actors in the film “Sciacca” directed by Michela Scolari prepare for the premiere (video)

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He reconnected after last August’s results for Michela Scolari’s “Sciacca – A Dream Made in Sicily”, which is about to start shooting at the end of the month.

Sciacca will once again turn into an open-air film almost sixty years after the production of Pietro Germi’s historic Italian film “Sedotta e Abbandonata”. This time, it’s a romantic comedy set in Sciacca to tell the beauty and wonder of Sicily.
This afternoon at Mangia’s Resort, the director and producer reviewed some of the castings during their co-casting last August and proceeded to customize the various parts. Over 450 people attended for three days of selection.
There will also be several local actors in the film along with the big names who are part of the cast that sees the major production of Adam Leipzig. Meanwhile, actresses Lily Englert and Cynthia Khalifa and male protagonist Francesco Leone have already arrived at Torre del Barron where the entire production is being hosted and where some scenes will be filmed. The Mangia Group is the main sponsor of the project which sees the participation of the prestigious placement agency Tilt led by Silene Mosticchio.

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