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Gianni Morandi, his nephew is now more famous than he is: I recently saw him in a movie

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Gianni Morandi –

Despite his honorable years of career, one movie was enough to make Gianni Morandi a “close.” This is his famous nephew.

Gianni Morandi is definitely one of the most loved singers in Italy and has the longest career. Over the past few years it has seen some very dramatic moments due to a period of stalemate as it is He managed to conquer it thanks to his love of music and friends forever.

Actually, last year He is back charged more than ever at the singing competition conducted by Amadeus. Yes, we are talking about Sanremo, which helped the singer get out of depression.

And I think he was almost left out Because he is not very good with social networks, he accidentally shared a video of his unpublished clip on Facebook. Fortunately, Amadeus and the festival’s notary decide not to, realizing that it was simply a mistake on the part of the singer.

For some time now, however, we have been hearing more and more about it Another Morandi, his nephew, son of Biagio Antonacci and Mariana Morandi. The boy is really pretty and you all know him because he starred in that movie…

Marriage between Mariana Morandi and Biagio Antonacci

Gianni Morandi’s daughter, Mariana, She fell in love with and married a very famous singer Italian like his father. This is Biagio Antonacchi. Paolo and Giovanni were born from their marriage. The first is an author and composer. Indeed, He wrote songs for many famous singers, such as Fedez. The second, on the other hand, debuted as a singer but seems to have another passion, cinema.

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The boy is really very handsome, it shows. His grandfather Gianni said of him:Reminds me of young Frank Sinatra“.

Gianni- Morandi- Nephew-
Giovanni Antonacci –

Who is the nephew of the famous Gianni Morandi

The grandson of Gianni Morandi has become really famous Thanks to his rookie acting career. The beautiful Giovanni Antonacchi Looks like he is on the road to successlike the good son and grandson of Art is.

boy In fact, he recently played the character of Tony Raines In the latest film based on the life of the Italian businessman Ferruccio Lamborghini. The production is international and in fact the young man was able to act alongside real movie stars Like Gabriel Byrne and Mira Sorvino. Therefore, the film career of the magician Giovanni Antonacci is expected to be flourishing. We can only wish him good luck.

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