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“It shouldn’t have been released.” That’s what he said

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New allegations appear after, afterAccident on the set cinema has killing Director of Photography Helena Hutchins. During the filming of the Hollywood movie “Rust”, Alec Baldwin A bullet detonated from a pistol that turned out to be real, and Helena Hutchins, director of photography, paid the price. there now Singrayatrice Mamie MitchellThe accusation against the actor is: “In the script Alec Baldwin wasn’t supposed to shoot».

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in the script from “rust” did not write That Alec Baldwin should shoot. To provide new details on the tragic story, screenwriter Mamie Mitchell, during a press conference, Charges against Baldwin and the film’s producers.

Mitchell, who was at the time of the accident very close to the actorShe claims that the scene where they were shooting is wanted Three close-up shots: The Baldwin’s eyes, a bloodstain on shoulder Finally statue image He also reached his hand to the holster to take the pistol. “There wasn’t a scene that Baldwin or anyone else should have filmed,” the film’s screenwriter who called for help after filming repeated.

Your attorney, Gloria Allred, is on file A lawsuit against Baldwin, both the film’s protagonist, but also the producer and other film producers, claims that the actor has Violated security protocols, does not carefully examine the weapon he was dealing with e Acting in a “reckless” manner.

Mr. Baldwin Choose to play Russian roulette When he fired without examining the gun and without the shipowner doing so in his presence. over there Possibility of injury or death they were one Possible outcome‘, he said. Screenwriter I will order, And therefore, and data for what he suffered emotional consequences, claiming to have suffered “a Severe physical trauma, trauma and nerve damage».

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