October 4, 2023

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The professor engraves on the pens the notes of the law for passing the exam: “What art”

The professor engraves on the pens the notes of the law for passing the exam: “What art”

They call it the art of transcription, because there are hundreds of solutions to pass the tests. However, the expression is often used to refer to a person who is very good at undetected. But in this case, a Spanish student created a real “work of art”. He has meticulously engraved the notes on the Code of Civil Procedure in quills was with him.

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Professor Tweet

A Spanish university professor has posted pictures on the Internet of what can be called “make-up pens”. Yolanda de Lucewhich uses su Twitter user name Tweet embed, Shared enlarged images of a couple of pecs, where the text of the Code of Civil Procedure can be read. TeacherUniversity of Malaga He explained that he confiscated pens from a student years ago and found them cleaning his office. “What art” was his comment as soon as I checked it out.


His tweet, dated October 5, quickly went viral: with more than 2.8 thousand “likes”. One user commented, “If you put a lot of effort into cheating, you can also study it!” Another user added: “In some ways you have to admire the creativity. But it raises the question: Was it not possible to memorize the course material in the time it took to engrave these pens?”

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