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“Games, skate at the fair. Then it’ll be an event arena.”

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“A large pavilion, with dimensions unique in Europe, will be able to host trade fairs that have not yet found suitable spaces, sporting events and concerts.” The legacy of the Olympic Games is very dear to the IOC, left behind by the conversion of two wings of the Fiera di Rho into a single “hall” to house the ice rink for the 2026 Winter Olympics. After the Bazelja de Binet step back, the project proposed by Milan It competes with Turin, which presented the oval for the 2006 Games. But yesterday the Games Operations Office of the Andrea Francisi Foundation, speaking at the municipal commission, stressed that “the project in Roo has a very important legacy, and the Fondazione Fiera will support the investment, without any public funds, and in the end it will be Finding a unique pavilion in Europe, which will increase commercial attractiveness and can host sports and entertainment events.I remember that the concept of the legacy of the Games is important to the IOC and I did not hesitate to point out that the oval has not been used at all since 2009.I don’t know how logical it is to restore Abandoned plant 12 years ago, it is an objective reality ».

The Milan-Turin derby is in its final stages. Next Wednesday, a control room will be held, headed by Sports Minister Andrea Abodi and Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini, to discuss the result of the comparison between the two stadiums. “Piedmont made an offer,” Salvini said a few days ago, “I’ve always said we need to do the one that costs you the least impact.” While Aboudi went further: “The ice will be held in Milan and the exhibition is a valid solution,” given that “the final decision is left to the Committee and the International Olympic Committee and will be taken by April 18.”

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The final vote will go to the Milano-Cortina Foundation, and the Board of Directors will meet precisely on the 18th. Yesterday in Turin published optimistic headlines about the oval hypothesis after an inspection at the show by FIS technicians. But the reconstruction changed its size by Francis, present at the meeting and «later we gave the answers and removed any doubts. It was a very positive meeting, we focused a lot on air conditioning and dehumidifying issues, and three specialized companies from Holland, Canada and Germany got involved to contact us for the first level of information on the feasibility of the temporary runway. Fiera suggested joining two wings by removing a central wall and moving a series of columns to create enough room for a track, which is not at all as complicated as some articles have shown. The ice must be very perfect and we have guaranteed the standard. We also imagine anticipating testing events and organizing a youth competition before the Games.” For the organization «In terms of budget and operations, the most advantageous option is Milan, we already organize many services for other places. Moving races to another location may increase costs. And the International Olympic Committee, contrary to what I have read, has not drawn up any veto.” Weight data given that the Board “is the only body that will be able to decide on any possible change to the Master Plan”.

Mayor Pepe Sala has closed the doors of Turin sharply, while yesterday Governor Attilio Fontana affirmed that «our project is definitely better. I think there’s a last gasp for those who somehow want to get back through the window after they’ve gone out the door.’ Municipal Director Christian Malangón, member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, adds that Vieira «has been thinking for some time about creating a maxi-pavilion to host various events and he will be able to give him sponsorship».

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