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In Ukraine, the Russians change the strategy of tanks retreating from Kiev-

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to Lorenzo Cremonese

The route taken by a long line of invader tanks a few days ago is now free. Zelensky’s government: Italy is also among the countries that guarantee our security

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Fishhorod (Kyiv) –

life life In the metropolitan area, this new phase of the war means above all seeing shops reopening, seeing young people sitting in bars, more street traffic, but also soldiers and volunteers from the Civil Guard taking advantage of the moment of calm, redoubling defense systems and intensifying checkpoint checks. inspection. For a few days now, Ukrainian military forces have been on the counterattack In all areas around the northern suburbs, but also in the east and west. Now it is clear that the Russians are in retreatin some sectors only a handful of kilometres, but in others up to thirty kilometers, rendering useless a large part of the artillery batteries and Grad rockets, which, according to their original plans, should have bombed Kyiv so hard to weaken its resistance.

The three bridges were destroyed

Yesterday morning we traveled about 25 kilometers to reach Fishhord: one of the towns lies on the road taken a month ago by a giant caravan (real military corps) from Belarus, passing through Chernobyl, He should have handed over victory to Putin quickly. The street was quiet, little traffic and few military vehicles visible. As we were entering the urban circuit along the Dnieper River, and a soldier was displaying the three bridges destroyed three weeks earlier to prevent Russian armored vehicles from advancing to the nearby power plant, news came from Moscow that Russian forces were entering a new phase. The war was concentrated in the eastern regions of the Donbass more than in Kyiv.

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admission of incompetence

Russian commands present the move as if in line with the original plan. But, from here, the ad looks like Admitting a deficit is the clearest evidence of the failure of the initial project Russian to capture Kyiv. From the first days of the war, it was clear to us that the Russians did not have the possibility to enter the urban circle of the capital. Their tanks were poorly stocked, with faulty radios, low fuel, few spare parts, expired food rations, and soldiers dressed too lightly for cold nights outdoors, says a defense officer who didn’t want it to be. Filmed or identified, not the only one. even in The guards at the local hospital proved to be hostile. They say that photos and interviews are prohibited. Their vigilance is fueled by the need to confront Russian saboteurs, agents and hardened small cells whose aim is to create chaos in the depths. We have accidents almost every night. There have been killings and kidnappings of leaders in our community. And now we have to beware of Russian fugitives who steal civilian clothes from abandoned houses, explains Sergey, one of the municipal leaders.

Industrial Area

Back in the capital, we stop at the industrial area where the Tornado factory is located, a large company that manufactures uniforms and flak jackets for the military. Here, too, the orders of silence are strict, and Russian missiles are afraid. The director, fifty-year-old Alexander Vasilsenkov, is ready to say: We had 8 factories and 780 employeesThe war reduced us to 6 factories with 228 workers. But Production has quadrupled since February 24: From 30,000 units packed per month to 120,000 units. This applies to all factories. Despite the thousands of difficulties for raw materials and transportation, the state pays and intensifies the shifts.

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Optimism radiates from Kyiv to other provinces. Even two days ago, it seemed that only the areas bordering the Donbass and Kherson River were under full Russian control. But yesterday evening, Ukrainian orders and the Pentagon reiterated that the resistance resumed fighting in Kherson: if they abandoned it, Putin would be in trouble. In other cities such as Chernihiv, Mariupol and Kharkiv, the battle raged violently and the Ukrainians are still besieged.
Andrey Yermak, Zelensky’s collaborator, told the Georgian media that among the countries that guarantee security in Ukraine, in addition to the permanent members of the UN Security Council, we like Turkey, Germany, Canada and Israel. And this exists Information for the interest of Italy to join this process.

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