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The Pale Blue Eye movie review – Crimes…

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Hello my friends. How are you all? I wanted to tell you a few things, that much Pale Blue Eye – The West Point Murders As a movie in itself – try as you might – there isn’t much to say in my opinion. You can talk a lot about Edgar Allan Poe, his crazy life It ended somewhat ambiguouslyAnd, if you like, you can add a generous sprinkling of Harry Potter’s cousin He became an intense and very good actor. OK. But the conversation will not really be about the movie itself, rather there are more side issues that complement the discussion and can spark such interest that perhaps it will push you to watch it blindly. So I preferred to tell you about the time I ate a spiced pretzel (two, in fact) and then sat all afternoon in the back of an open drugstore watching, somewhat mesmerized, the silent transactions caught by the security cameras—plus all the people in the background who They scratched their asses in anticipation, who touched things in a daze and then wonder who-knows-why the pestilences, who strolled about thinly but placidly, who stood alert, and for ten minutes in a row could not move the weight from one leg. to the other but how do they do it idk i can’t. And I found the whole experience noticeably more exciting than Pale blue eye.

“He is nose combing and digging at the same time. Wah »

Then I wanted to tell you that, a couple of years ago, I watched much more TV series than movies. Not out of passion, but because (unfortunately) the doctor prescribed it to me. It’s Val Verde’s version of castor oil. A necessary evil and a great incentive to defecate. So I watch a lot of TV series, and while I was watching this movie distributed but not produced by Netflix – I think about lost time: beautiful photography (Masanobu Takayanagi: GrayAnd the Warriors) What a sympathy and taste for all these good actors and celebrities, the sound mixing is right, there’s the fact that if you have an expensive one like Howard Shore composing the soundtrack, you put everything in even when he doesn’t get it right, but you know that from my point of view, It is noted that there are excellent food options and vegetarian options in the group? – While I was watching this film, in short, I asked myself above all: what is special Pale blue eye From a TV drama, from a period BBC mini-series of the somewhat holographic fantasy-inducing genre, or from a couple of good procedural episodes about a detective from the good old days? I couldn’t provide an answer for myself. Then, since we’re on the topic of Gothic here, I went over a few things Mike FlanaganLike seasonal pieces The haunting but also rings Midnight Mass, and I realized that when you sequentially realize the materials you have in your hands, very beautiful things will turn out in the end. On the other hand, when you have at your disposal (in fact, you are looking for it on purpose) good material for a mini-series, but you decide to turn it into a trashy movie because you are probably ashamed of your classmates in Hollywood – director and screenwriter Scott Cooper Have brunch with Leonardo DiCaprio and get married at Robert Duvall’s estate – then you’re in love with a theme song!

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About Scott Cooper. He’s a fine director, and his Italian adaptations always come out with the original title as well as post-additions. But is Scott Cooper really a good director? Yes it’s a good director, come on, get out crazy Heart – Well, Jeff Bridges just won an Oscar, can you really mean anything to him? – then Torg Westa Thriller where the real hero is the American county And also Horror more than okay. But sure he’s a good director and not a giant Barracullo with the right friends, who combs through the barely ordinary scripts (or films that outpace the ordinary scripts by order) that he himself authors, tapping into the help of out-of-the-box actors like Christian Bale, with whom he came up with his third collaboration here? I don’t really know, but suspicion came to me. Kind of like a Gianfranco Fini.

Fabrizio got scared to click on the link and find a quote from Boris

In this movie set in the 1830s near West Point Military Academy and crowded with people with names like Augustus and Artemus, Cadet Edgar Allan Poe played Dudley Dursley – who you may also have seen in Macbeth by Joel Quinn, N.B old guard With Luca Marinelli Chess Queen With Gnagna Taylor-Joy – Helps Christian Bale, an alcoholic former cop in New York and a hermit due to family tragedies, to settle a murder mystery with a diabolical backstory that can be solved. In this film, he also stars a slippery Robert Duvall – as the mystery expert/storyteller named JEAN-PÈPÈ – his deity Gillian Anderson with her upper lip perpetually stiff and pouting to indicate constant disdain, that old fox Toby Jones and Timothy Spall with long sideburns. and autopilot, typical things happen that happen in wimpy detective stories, with investigations, suspicions, table-turning secrets, surprises, overcoats, references, serendipity, red herrings, splattered clues, decoys and all the paraphernalia of the case, truthful but neither new nor original; And if you will, I weighed in with the slightly devious demeanor of Scott Cooper’s choice.

like him

The yellow gothic cadence of the paperback that takes you to the beach and the saltiness that crinkles the pages, however and rightly so, can be traced back to the literary source. The author of the novel of the same name from which Cooper drew the screenplay for The Elliptical, bomber Louis Bayard, hoped to escape punishment (and avoid the persona of a writer whose novels are sold in roadside restaurants) by writing his own story. , as co-lead and porter of poetry, Edgar Allan Poe, or What Modern Detective Fiction Is (with Morgue Street Crimes) made it. picking potatoes a lot, thank you for making me feel more cultured than I am just because the name Edgar Allan Poe sounds familiar to me; But it’s not like you’re sitting at the posh table with Conan Doyle, Dashiell Hammett, and James Ellroy, leaving poor Donato Caresi to have an aperitif alone with white charcuterie at the Chinese bar. Oh no, dear Louis Bayard. There Donato is waiting for you to play Scopon with Scott Cooper and Johnny, the king of swords from Zhejiang, who came to Italy to buy business for money and play rap ass with the old one.

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Johnny Parr quote

“A film that Fred Durst could have directed at this point.”
(Toshiro Gifune,

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