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Harry Potter, Rupert Grint reveal new wallpaper from the saga set: ‘It was claustrophobic’

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Excellence Harry Potter Currently in a state of uncertainty. If the episodic epic of Fantastic Beasts With the failure of The Last Chapter now appearing to have hit a dead end, it has been confirmed that Warner Bros. Discovery is currently studying how Brand revival.

Waiting to find out what the future holds for the beloved franchise based on the literary works of JK Rowling, the historical interpreter of Ron Weasley, Rupert GrintHe came back to talk about his tenth anniversary experience in the group He started from Harry Potter at the age of twelve, defining it as “Quite stuffy::

In the movies, me and the character We merged into one. In the end, I was playing myself, the lines were so blurry. The franchise has been very busy, it involved filming all year long and the rest of the time we were busy with the promotional tour.

The British actor specifies that he’s completely grateful for all the opportunities he’s been given thanks to his involvement in the saga, which it wasn’t without. Thinking moments About your career:

Sometimes I wanted a break, thinking about all this… It was an out-of-body experience that went on for a while, but I think we finished in time. If we had continued more, things would have been better bad turn.

Last year, Rupert Grint also had the opportunity to review his colleagues Daniel Radcliffe And Emma Watson special occasion Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts:

It was a really unique experience and only we really know about it, it was really nice to see my travel mates again. It was a good opportunity to think about everything and say How crazy it was. It’s always good to look back.

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Image: Warner Bros.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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