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Robert Pattinson is starring in the new sci-fi thriller from parasitic director Bong Joon Ho

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Official voices from the US say the future and unprecedented collaboration between Robert Pattinson and Bong Joon is a done deal.

After the victory in the 2020 ceremony, the best Oscar Awards Best Film Ever, Best International Film, Best Screenwriter, Best Director parasite, South Korean Bong Joon Ho He rightly took a break to enjoy the victory and to think calmly about what it would be like to work on the new project. In the fall of 2021, he was brought to his attention by an unpublished novel titled Mickey 7 for the writer Edward Ashton (Mid-February in the US and UK). For the director, that reading was almost as shocking, as it was to many in the Hollywood industry.

Mickey 7: The plot of the novel that will become a movie by Bong Joon Ho with Robert Pattinson

Mickey7 tells a science fiction story in which the protagonist who gave the book his name is an expendable ingredient in a human expedition tasked with colonizing the frozen planet Niflheim. Whenever a very dangerous obstacle arises for the crew, Mickey is the right man to call. Or rather, a clone of Mickey. When a Mickey dies, a new Mickey is created while fully preserving the memory of the previous one. After 6 sacrifices Mickey, the seventh begins to count and at the first opportunity, surrenders to the missing. Thought he’s dead, his team has created a new version and to prevent a double consumable element from being discovered, Mickey7 and Mickey8 have to invent something as new species living on the planet begin to intrigue these colonists.

towards the end of the year, Bong Joon Ho He met with several main representatives to understand who could be the ideal translator Mickey 7. According to the magazine Insider Deadline, Robert Patterson Suggested by producers of Warner Bros Pattinson I worked in tenet And keep working on it Batman. The actor effortlessly managed to convince the director that he was the perfect candidate for the role. An offer was made to immediately close the contract, and even in the event of the loss of the official character, the magazine’s sources say that it was. Find out about Bong Joon Ho’s previous conditioning work on previously published materials, such as snow holeIt is not excluded that the screenwriter and director wanted to intervene in the story to change some aspects of it.
under the book cover of Mickey 7.

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