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10 Movie Details That Changed For Really Ridiculous Reasons

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Too often, as spectators, we don’t talk so much about the amount of seemingly irrelevant detail that can not only have enormous weight in the narrative economy and in the imagination of some films, but is also of critical importance, in addition to naturally occupying a lot of attention Great efforts are spurred by the authors. In this kind of situation there are also details that have been modified for really absurd reasons, so much so that they generate a strange and curious background and it is clear that all will be discovered. From the Overlook hotel room number shiningStanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall, takes to the starry sky above Jack and Rose in a record-breaking melodrama. Titanic By James Cameron, the subject of more than a few simple discussions, going through many more cases, discover them all by browsing our gallery.

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