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The Norwegian ship goes to Norway

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Nearly a thousand migrants aboard three ships off the Italian coast. The European Commission – notes its spokeswoman – “is not responsible for coordinating” rescues at sea but “must emphasize that it is a moral and legal obligation” of member states to save people. On the day of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s visit to Brussels, the clarification about the days-long stalemate arrived: nearly a thousand migrants on board the Ocean Viking, Geo Barents and Humanity 1 ships always off the coast of Sicily, outside Italian waters, without a port that the Minister of the Interior has not ceded Matteo Pentedosi.

Migrants NGO appeals

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani asks Germany (Humanity flutters the German flag) to respect the rules. While Sos Mediterranee, which operates the Ocean Viking, is headed to Spain, France and Greece to be able to land, due to Italy and Malta being detained. After the exchange of letters yesterday between Berlin and Rome, today it was Tajani who reaffirmed the position of the new government, meeting with his German colleague Annalena Barbock: “We have to cooperate a lot with a friendly country and a great interlocutor like Germany – he explained -. Then, when we need to give some message, especially on the issue of immigration, we do so firmly, but to ensure compliance with the rules. We asked that NGO ships respect European rules when they rescue a person at sea and then ask to dock in the nearest ports.” Most obvious is Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini, who is targeting the flag state of the other two ships: «Where should the Norwegian ship go? Simple, in Norway …”, he wrote in a tweet. The other concerned minister, Piantedosi, who has the task of defining a “safe place”, is careful not to do so. Of the humanitarian ships – many minors on board – calls for immediate disembarkation, after several days at sea, were repeated. Sos Mediterranee has asked for help from Greece, Spain and France, as the Italian and Maltese authorities “turned their backs on these women, children and men. The situation on the Ocean Viking is deteriorating, the weather forecast announces strong winds, high waves and low temperatures by the end of the week and stocks run out.” The outcasts must descend without further delay.”

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Poland announces anti-immigrant barrier around Kaliningrad

Immigrants, omaniati requests 1

Humanity 1 sent 17 requests to the port, all of which were ignored: “The health conditions of the untouchables – he points out – are getting worse. Because of the cold temperatures at night, fever spreads on board.” The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees notes that “the law of the sea determines Clear responsibilities in coordinating search and rescue. We hope that a dialogue will be held among all the relevant countries to locate a safe haven for NGO ships in the Mediterranean Sea as soon as possible in a spirit of cooperation and solidarity. The solution, which is to activate the Voluntary Solidarity Mechanism – which was signed last June by 21 member states – which can also be used to redistribute migrants currently banned on ships off the coast of Italy. The latter was the first to benefit from the mechanism: 38 candidates were transferred to France and 74 to Germany in recent months. Low numbers compared to the 87,000 landings recorded this year. To this day, arrivals have continued unabated: the Malian police intercepted a large fishing boat with 456 people on board 15 miles off the coast of Calabria; 121 arrived in Lampedusa; Another 30 arrived in southern Sardinia.

Migrants aboard the German ship Berlin: “Italy will help them immediately.” Piantedosi asks Germany to welcome them

Salvini: The ship goes to Norway

Where should a Norwegian ship go? Simple, in Norway … » So said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, in a tweet about the condition of the Ocean Viking with 234 people on board in the Mediterranean.

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