December 5, 2023

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F35B fighter out of control, pilot jumps out of cockpit

F35B fighter out of control, pilot jumps out of cockpit

incident to an airport from the war F-35B Lightning II. An amateur video captured the moments of fear during the vertical descent of the American fighter at the military base in Fort Worth, Texas. $100 million plane It landed without apparent problems, and then something went wrong. The aircraft began leaning forward and out of control resulting in a 180-degree spin, to the point where the pilot had to pull a lever which activated the immediate seat ejection command.

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Emergency landing, plane with no nose and broken engine. Horror on board: “May God protect us.” what happened

Company: We are investigating the accident

“We continue to work with officers at Fort Worth Air Force Base following the F-35 issue. We are pleased that the driver in question is safe. Safety remains our priority and we support the investigations,” Lockheed Martin, which produces the F-35B, said in a statement. In which this type of aircraft faces problems.A few days ago, the front landing gear of an aircraft collapsed while being towed on a runway in Japan.Last year, an F-35B fell off the deck of an aircraft carrier and sank in the Mediterranean Sea.

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