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The most incredible separation cases become a national issue

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Expensive fuels are becoming heavier and more demanding in everyday life. Our daily life is attacked by high prices for gasoline and diesel, and unfortunately not only in the “thirst” of our car.

It is almost unfeasible to quantify the number of difficulties faced around the world due to the cost of fuel. Gasoline and diesel prices have skyrocketed, making life more difficult for motorists than ever before. And, of course, not only in Italy. Indeed, the crisis is spreading like wildfire in every corner of the globe. Even in the largest and most important countries of the world.

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And when we refer to an international significance, we cannot fail to mention the United States of America. In fact, US motorists are experiencing a very bad – not to mention tragic – period due to high fuel prices. The latter reached an all-time high. Among the public outcry there are those who gamble on work: We are talking about a gas station worker who, you think, was fired.

Fuel, in the United States the situation is frightening: the workers at the gas station are fired

Accidentally selling gasoline for only 69 cents a gallon can please motorists, especially in this period, but much less than that for those involved in the respective sector. According to reports from KOVR 13 News and CBS Sacramento, the Shell Station Manager in Rancho Cordova, California, has He mistakenly moved the price of gasoline from his station at $0.69 instead of $6.99.

As the man himself explained, there is no excuse – it was clearly his fault, although this was apparently not repeated with diesel. Unfortunately, the man was shot on the spot after that And it just so happened that it cost Shell 16 thousand dollars. The family later opened a “GoFundMe” campaign to make the payment to the distributor.

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She managed to raise 24,000 dollars. And so he paid for the damages, which according to attorney Craig Simmons should be enough to avoid legal action by the gas station for this accident. The opposite was possible, according to him, only if he performed such work outside the scope of his work. But that was clearly not the case.

The man lost his job due to his mistake, but he soon worked hard to make up for Shell too. And he did it admirably, even if it was obvious that it would have been better not to get into such a situation. But anyway, big or small, we all make mistakes.

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