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“7 Steps in Sustainability”, a new exhibition/game at Città della Scienza

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Saturday 11 December city ​​flag It has been enriched with a new educational path for children aged 8 to 13 years. We stop on the planet of sustainability to be known precisely through games or fun.
How is a sustainable building designed and built? The path with interactive exhibits helps with discovery and knowledge. An experiential activity that helps understand the central role of “sustainable construction” in achieving the goals of the Green Deal.

The Show / Game takes a name Seven Steps to Sustainability, because it is a journey of discovery in seven game stages, featuring an encounter with interactive exhibits simulating an ecologically sustainable home construction site where children are invited to build their own model of a sustainable and intelligent home as true designers from the future.

Each player or team is associated with a site manager badge, which is handed over by museum staff: each badge features a different NFC tag, which is intercepted from time to time by readers on the sites along the way. Where do I manage a building? What materials do I make? These are some of the questions players will have to answer.

The exhibition track will be open to the public from Sunday 12 December.

The conference preceding the exhibition will be devoted to the theme of sustainability in our cities and will take place at 11.00 in the Newton Hall.
Speakers Riccardo Villari, President of the Idis City of Science Foundation, Ennio Rubino, President of the Sustainable Building District – STRESS, Giovanni Ferrici, CEO of ETT Spa, Filippo de Rossi, Federico II University of Naples and Adviser to the Minister of University and Research, Valeria Faccioni, Adviser on Research, Innovation and Initiation Operation of the Campania region, Vito Grassi, Vice-President of Confindustria, Eduardo Cosenza, Adviser of Infrastructure, Mobility and Civil Protection of the Municipality of Naples, Roberta Vitale, President of CFS.

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The event will be moderated by Marco Vera.

The track, conceived and designed for the spaces of Città della Scienza, has been presented in a trial version in Italy: the L’ARTE DELLA SCIENZA gallery, inaugurated on September 9, 2021 in Mexico City.

Riccardo Villari, President of the City of Science says: “It is with pleasure and satisfaction that we host, in a renovated area of ​​​​the exhibition spaces of Città della Scienza, the exhibition “7 Steps in Sustainability” which through interactive exhibitions invites young visitors to build their “environmentally friendly” homes. Concepts such as sustainability and accessibility are suitable for us and are part of Everyday language now because we always aim to educate new generations by spreading scientific knowledge through understandable language and edutainment. Investing in environmental education helps guide change towards a sustainable society with active and conscious citizens.”

“We are really proud of our ability to contribute to sustainability issues, also by investing in children’s education – Ennio Rubino, Head of the STRESS Sustainable Building District, said – Through our network of skills and know-how, we have been committed for many years to the sustainable redevelopment of the building heritage through a systematic approach and in line with European, national and regional strategies. The construction sector is responsible for 30-40% of global energy consumption and 38% of greenhouse gas emissions. In 2050, 70% of people will live in cities and the issue of energy and sustainability will be increasingly urgent. Only by spreading a culture geared towards protecting the planet, starting with school education, will we be able to reach the goal of neutrality set by Europe for the benefit of new generations in 2050: the next generation of the European Union.

Giovanni Ferrici, CEO of ETT, in turn announced: “Knowledge passes through experience and interaction: ‘7 Steps in Sustainability’, in fact, is not only an educational path but also an opportunity to engage children and make them the champions of the future. Thanks to new technologies and a path of fruits of attractive content, young people will be able to deepen the topic of sustainability and areas of application. Thanks to the synergistic work of the partners involved and the overlap of the team’s different professional skills, we have been able to implement this important project that will allow visitors to explore new areas through innovative tools and new languages.”

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