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Science and Innovation Weeks 2021

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The Canary Islands prioritizes its commitment to sustainability in Science and innovation weeks 2021.

The general public of companies, entrepreneurship, professionals and university students can participate in twenty free activities organized by professional experts.

The SCIC21 program can be consulted on the ACIISI website:

The 17th edition of the Canary Islands Science and Innovation Weeks, promoted by the Canary Islands Government’s Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment through the Canary Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society (ACIISI), also celebrates the anniversary of the International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, a cause that enhances the themes of the media program for this year.

like him, From 3 to 14 November, as part of the SCIC, there will be many free activities, both in person and online, on the environment, society and the economy, which are the three pillars of sustainability, which will be held by professional experts or by teams of research centers, aimed at the general public Entrepreneurs or college students majors.

The circular economy is essential to sustainability, as it reduces waste, stimulates innovation, creates opportunities and jobs, aims to revolutionize the system and is the key to a sustainable future.

This will be the subject of various speeches, webinars and networks, along with presentations of successful cases where the circular economy has been a driving force for innovation in sectors such as tourism.

The Canary Islands Science and Innovation Weeks will also host an interesting forum on sustainable and innovative wine tourism, with different models of success contrasting around the world.

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In another speech, the SCICs will explain how the I+D+i centers in the Canary Islands deal with key environmental challenges – resource management, decarbonization or adaptation to climate change – to contribute to the legalization of the primary sector or digitize the model from production, promoting new areas of specialization in the blue economy or in the circular economy.

A workshop targeting public associations and neighborhoods, convened by teams of geologists working in the Canary Islands, will show how extreme weather conditions associated with climate change lead to landslides and landslides that can affect people and infrastructure.

Participants and attendees of this Citizens with Science and Innovation meeting will also be able to learn about the importance of data in the management and operation of renewable energy plants;

What is light pollution and how can it be lit more efficiently;

Conservation strategies for Canary Islands species and natural settings based on interdisciplinary scientific information;

Banana biodiversity to identify climate-smart species with market potential in Africa and Europe;

Canary plants, good environmental breeding practices.

The activities are divided into categories and require pre-registration through a form that includes information about the target audience and the objectives and format of each activity. If you prefer to choose an activity by date, the ACIISI website has an agenda icon calendar where you can consult exhibitions, meetings, excursions and guided tours; Courses and workshops. Round tables, talks, conferences or other activities for November days.

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