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The latest in the Corona crisis – Covit-19 shortens life expectancy in Switzerland – News

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    Free trials for young people? The Zurich State Council should take a stand

    Zurich Canton Parliament wants to quickly discuss free corona trials for young people. On Monday, the Cantonal Council announced the SVP’s emergency measure with 78 votes.

    The party wants corona tests to be free again for those under 25 years of age. If these tests were not free, it would indicate a form of mandatory vaccination, especially for young people and the poor. The reason was supported by the middle and parts of SP and Greens and EPP.

    The Zurich government must submit its opinion within five weeks before the title returns to the Council. If the council’s balance of power remains the same, free corona trials for young people could be buried at the next council meeting. The government needs a majority of votes for a firm transfer.

    Another position of the SVP was not immediately announced. In this endeavor, corona tests should be free for all.

  • 8:47

    Covit-19 reduces life expectancy in Switzerland

    The Govt-19 epidemic has reduced life expectancy in Switzerland. For men born in 2020, it is reduced from 0.9 years to 81.0 years and for women from 0.5 years to 85.1 years.

    According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FSO), life expectancy at birth in Switzerland has not decreased for decades. The last such decline occurred in 1944 in males, and in 1962 in females.

    Life expectancy is drastically reduced, especially for those 65 years of age and older. Between 2019 and 2020, covit-19 deaths reduced their life expectancy by 0.7 years for men and 0.5 years for women. Life expectancy for men aged 65 and over has decreased from 20.0 to 19.3 and for women from 22.7 to 22.2.

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    In the case of men, the FSO writes that such a sharp decline has never been seen. Women, on the other hand, were at war in 1944 due to a particularly severe winter.

  • 8:33

    Corona eruption: Tens of thousands of Chinese are not allowed to leave their homes

    China is taking drastic measures against the new corona virus infection. Authorities on Monday ordered the closure of northern China’s Egin County, which borders Mongolia. Tens of thousands of people have been asked not to leave their homes. One-third of the 150 or more infections registered in China since last week come from the engine.

    The Chinese government is pursuing a strict “zero Govt strategy”. With curfew orders, mass checks, contact tracking, isolation and strict entry restrictions, the country has so far kept the corona virus under control. However, there are always small explosions and then they are brought under control with great effort.

    According to state media, the current wave was triggered by the introduction of the virus from abroad. A Chinese tourism team traveling to several provinces later spread the virus in the country. At least eleven provinces are now affected by the eruption.

  • 8:08

    In Poland, the number of new infections is increasing rapidly

    In Poland, the daily corona infection rate increases by 90 percent compared to the previous week. Deputy Health Minister Voldemort Kraska says on Polskie radio that there is a strong upward trend. The scope of the fourth wave of epidemics is increasing.

  • 7:42

    South Korea returns to normal

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in announced a “gradual return to normal life” in November after the outbreak. During the budget speech in parliament on Monday, Moon said schooling in classrooms would be fully launched and community centers for seniors would be transformed into normal functions. At the same time, the 68-year-old stressed that some epidemiological measures will be in place in the future, including the need for a mask.

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    On Saturday, South Korean health officials announced that more than 70 percent of the population of about 52 million had been vaccinated. The vaccination campaign, which began in February, began slowly, but has accelerated significantly in recent months due to increased vaccine distribution.


    South Korea has relatively passed the epidemic so far. Thanks to numerous tests and rapid contact clues by the authorities, the number of infections remained low without widespread locks being imposed. Since this summer, the country has been experiencing a fourth wave, and the number of daily infections has increased again.

    Imego Images

  • 7:09

    Health Minister Perseus has no alternative to the vaccine attack

    Health Minister Alain Borset has no choice but to attack the Federal Council’s vaccine, which costs 93 million francs. In an interview with CV-Media, Perseus said the vaccination rate is 71 percent lower in Switzerland, considering the infectious delta variant.

    What is the alternative? Did you shrug your shoulders and do nothing? “It’s not an option, the cantons see it that way.” We have to try everything again. “Everyone will come in contact with the virus anyway.

    In an interview, Health Minister Govind also warned that the law would be rejected. “It will not only affect certification. It will also affect regulations such as assistance to self-employed persons, employees, organizations, culture, sports or day care centers and exemptions from vaccinated persons from isolated duty. And from next spring we have no legal basis for the certification system.”

    That does not mean that Swiss can no longer go abroad, but it can become more complicated because they can no longer travel with a certificate or have to accept restrictions in the country of travel.

    Alain Perseus


    Perseus recommends increased use of mobile vaccination centers, especially in small spaces. Retired medical professionals may be involved in the treatment of very rare complications. Churches or associations may organize information events.


  • 6:08

    Despite the long lockout: Corona is spreading in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city

    109 new corona virus cases were reported in New Zealand on Monday, most of them in Auckland, the country’s largest city. This means there are second new epidemics in New Zealand since the onset of the epidemic.

    A role model once in the fight against Govt-19, the Delta variant has not been able to stem the tide despite more than two months of tight locking in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Over the weekend, the country also announced the first communal case of the virus on the South Island – which caused further headaches.

    The increase in cases has prompted Prime Minister Jacinta Order to abandon her removal strategy and prepare citizens to live with the virus. Meanwhile, health officials warned that the number of cases would increase.

    Last week, Artern announced that New Zealand was ending its draconian lockout measures and would allow more liberties back only when 90 per cent of the population in question had been vaccinated. 71 percent of eligible citizens are vaccinated.

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    The most important things from the previous evening and night

    • Research also seeks to use MRNA technology against influenza. The newspaper “Nature” reported last week. Moderna, for example, has started a medical course with 180 volunteers. The first results are expected in early 2022.
    • The World Health Organization has called on Germany and other countries to refrain from distributing the corona vaccine in support of those in need. The WHO goal is to have at least 40 percent of the population in each country vaccinated by the end of the year, which is “achievable.”
    • Long-term cognitive effects after Govit 19 disease often occur after more severe studies. A study in the United States, published in the journal Jama, shows that corona patients hospitalized in some areas are many times more likely to be affected than those treated on an outpatient basis.
    • You can see the most significant progressions of the corona infection in the last week Here.
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