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The BMW R18 comes in three unique cars from Canada

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BMW Motorrad continues its adventure in the custom world, making the R18 available to the best customers in the world to show that this motorcycle is an excellent basis for achieving any kind of end. In the latest project BMW Canada has teamed up with three talented artisans: Victoria’s J Donovan, British Columbia, Kelona’s Conquer Motorcycles, British Columbia and Ontario’s Toronto’s Ackment Motorworks. “These projects show how important it is to build motorcycles that promote creativity and serve as a good foundation for both owners and builders,” said Roland Stalker, BMW Motorrad Project Manager for Heritage Models. Stoker was very satisfied with the result and later commented that “the vision, craftsmanship and quality of work were very impressive, especially considering how young some of the clients are.”

Part of the credit for the success of these projects goes to R18, which is ideal for customizing work with its classic design and extraordinary proportions. At the center of the display is the 1,802 cc 2-cylinder “Big Boxer” engine, with its 91hp which is the most powerful boxing twin ever fitted on a production bike. Returning to the “Canadian” R18s, the only requirement that artisans need is a BMW, which can be used on the road in accordance with current regulations. Inspired by J. Donovan’s R18 Future Cafe Metal Production. The project started with the option of modifying the “turn” of the exhaust manifold, passing them over the cylinder heads and then continuing them straight, ending under the seat.

The tank has been completely redesigned, the fenders cut and painted glossy black. On the other hand, Nick Acosta of Augment Motorworks used the classic American helicopter style for the R18, which was renamed the “El Boxeder”. The painting takes on the stylistic features of tattoos, has a sissy bar and the support of the lighthouse is handmade; Shaker exhaust and personalized saddle complete the image. Finally, Rob Theisen and his crew at Conquer Motorcycles converted the R18 into a metal bronze tug. Here too, the mudguards have been modified, as well as the saddle and BMW badges painted gold.

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