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Belarus towards war? Mass calls from recruitment offices. Recruits: ‘We’re in a panic’

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Rain of recruitment cards in Belarus. Let it be an introduction to enter war? In recent days, hundreds of men and women have been widely called up by military registration and enlistment offices. And not just from the city. Citizens of Svetlogorsk, Reshetsa, Mozyr, Zlobin Wilsk and Khoiniki received the notice, local news agency Zirkalo reported.

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Belarus towards war? Certificates

According to a local news agency report, notifications were also sent to people who were previously deemed unfit for service. We were about ten people. We have been called to one-on-one meetings with someone from the cohort to which we are related, I believe. Our personal information has been verified, the photos have been compared.”

Also call people at work

Employment cards were also received from employees of Belarusian Steel Works. And straight to work. “People who were at home on vacation were called at their own expense or two-thirds. Nobody said anything, we are in a panic,” a source interviewed by the Belarusian local press reported. More than 1,000 calls were sent to employees of the chemical plant in Khimvolokin.

Those who are unfit for service are also called

The doctors also signed documents to ensure that the conscripts did not leave the country. Several local websites confirmed the fact that citations were sent to those who were not qualified for military service.

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Recruitment offices response

Only exercises. Belarusian recruitment offices denied that this campaign had anything to do with the war in Ukraine They said that everything is related to exercises and training in the defense of the territory.

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For several days in the Gomel region, they kept extensive reporting to the Zerkalo editorial office about calls to the military registration and enlistment offices of men and women responsible for military service. But on June 22, mobilization maneuvers in the region were announced. Based on reader reports, mass citations have been going on for the past three or four days. Andrey, a resident of Svetlogorsk, in an interview with Zerkalo reported that he “received a call from the military registration and enlistment office on June 26.” They asked to come.

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