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Can you get a credit card in Denmark as a foreigner?

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Being a student, employer, labour, or vacationer in Denmark, it is necessary to have a credit card in your pocket so that you can easily access cash anywhere. For getting loans in Denmark, applying for insurance, or getting professional advisory services, it is important to open an account in a banking institution.

Maybe, it is not easy for you as a foreigner to trust any financial institution. So, it is recommended to not fall into the attractive illustrations and amazing music of advertisements. Instead, consider reading the reviews from the online reviewing transparent platforms like Reviewsbird. Reviewsbird is a community-driven reviewing platform which is dedicated to the Denmark residers so that they can easily read the people’s experiences and opinions before making any purchasing decision or other purposes with the company.

Denmark’s currency

Denmark is an EU country but still, it hasn’t accepted Euro. It operates all the transactions on its own currency named Danish Kroner. The country is making significant progress toward becoming a digital economy.

Top credit cards in Denmark for foreigners

It will be difficult for you to purchase items in Denmark without a credit and debit card. So, after arriving in Denmark, compare different credit card options in the country. Following are the highly recommended credit cards for a foreigner.

  1.  Credit card from Bank Norwegian

Because of its individual functionalities and versatility, this credit card is now regarded as the greatest credit card in Denmark. It makes it possible to make all of your transactions in DKr within the nation without paying a 1.75% currency premium based on the macroeconomic variables. With no annual fees and no transaction or withdrawal fees, you can enjoy buying items.

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  2.  Credit card from N26

If you’re seeking a different option in Denmark, you could check at the N26 credit card. . It has the title of becoming one of Europe’s fastest-growing banking institutions. In reality, foreigners choose N26 because of the convenience it offers and the idea that it has an English website. When consumers create a checking bank account, they are given a complimentary Mastercard. As it is a completely virtual bank, it doesn’t charge for transactions neither it has hidden fees.

As previously indicated, credit cards are not a choice in Denmark; they are a requirement because the overwhelming bulk of operations is paperless. Businesses have no reservations about letting customers use their accounts to pay for little goods. In Denmark, even cabbies and public transportation systems enable passengers to pay with their credit cards. 

The only exception is that you should bring your ID card with you since certain stores may want you to authenticate your identity before completing the transaction. This safeguard has been put in place to prevent credit card theft. Now that you’re aware of your options, choose the finest credit card in Denmark and experience hassle-free physical and digital transactions. You may conduct more investigation if you want, but there are no better possibilities than the ones provided here.


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