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The irony of football in Chievo, overwhelmed by those decrees that were approved to save it-

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From Gian Antonio Stella

The story is in the State Council: the yellow-and-blue company is asking for 140 million in damages and has a chance to find out its reasons

Putei, boni, non ghe x schei. It was a mantra, though Luca CampidelliWhen they were all crazy about kievu
(And some commentators went so far as to yell in the audience s’arroventa, heat is delirious), that sentence decided to appease fans who invited him to spend billions of billions to buy this or that phenomenon: Putei, boni, non ghe x schei. After all, he explained, at home we are all accountants: my father, I, my brother Piero and relatives and relatives were as well. Moreover, not all coach salaries Gigi Del Neri The cost of the last few players is less than Batistuta’s salary alone…

Weighs and measures

Question: How has a person like this been expelled, with a sign of disgrace, from the great football of so many scandals, so many investigations, so many filings (see the latest capital gains, concluded with an order of good manners-Ave-Gloria to all the adults after the initial and muddy condemnation kefu alone) have they proven that their budgets are corrupt? For Heaven’s sake, he would definitely have made mistakes, because… of course he was right Luciano MoggiThen the unrestrained sultan of Tulva was condemned and excommunicated: eh kievu? Now it’s a miracle: “History tells us that it is unlikely to continue. Good expectations. By hook or crook, fans sighed …

Campedelli’s legal battle

However, as stubborn as Musso (didn’t they say in the old days that Astro Chievo was proof that Musa could fly?), Campidelli will fight again. And the latest in a group of opposing sentences, Signed a few days ago by Luciano Barra Caracciolo, Head of the Fifth Judicial Department of the State Council, which also proved the club wrong in one of the previous rulings, this time proved the rightness of the jewel of football that appeared out of nowhere throughout the seventeen years of the Italian League and scored some exciting years. He suspended the penultimate sanction (from the TAR), to the delight of the CEO’s counsel, considering that there were concrete features of the illegality envisaged for Chievo Verona’s right to compensation for damages.

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The new ruling

From the sentence, let’s face it, a human being curious about hieroglyphic bureaucracy doesn’t understand much. Barra Caracciolo, already contested over fights against the euro, coming and going between the judiciary and technical services in various governments (right hand) and the image of the European Union flag affixed to Nazism (!), actually loves Latin (“from the top priorities“,”Among the“,”Face“…) and the legal verb “trade” which is on braids It has its first meaning: to taste, to taste, to taste something wonderful. Among the delicacies, a sentence without a single point (if not imposed by abbreviations such as Coni) for 916 (nine hundred and sixteen) words in a row. Trilusa would have flipped it over: If there’s an admiration from Amishi the Fage Nun, I never understand what she’s saying.

State Council ruling

One thing is clear: Chievo’s objections must be taken seriously and on June 23, next Thursday, their merits will be discussed in Council of State where it can happen Even reverse everything for Veronese. Which could have been severely punished by choosing the yellow and red government Giuseppe Conte Which ironically wanted to help companies facing serious difficulties due to the outbreak of the epidemic.

Epidemics and tax dates

Watch out for the appointments: on March 9, 2020, the day after the famous March 8 day when half of Italy was placed in the red, Chievo plays the postponed Serie B match against Cosenza. Once the match is over, all leagues are suspended. nightmare COVID-19. Nine days later, on March 18, Decree 17/2020 (cura Italia) bans any tax appointments and tax deferments, as well as bans new tax bills. The next day, the story continues, Decree 34/2020 (Restart) extends both pre-tax tax deferral plans to September 2020. Two more days and the FIGC canceled pre-Covid-19 measures that stipulated the need to pay installments due on May 31, 2020 for registration In the next tournament, as a result of which Chievo was forced, in order to continue paying salaries, to suspend the advance payments.Tax collection is in progress, which will end as of September 17, 2020, because it is not included in the tax moratorium that relates only to the stage of tax collection.

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Uncompromising tax authorities: but only with Chievo

The fact that in a world where Claudio Lotito was awarded a few years ago, with warm regards from the then President Lazio Francesco Storassito pay in installments 170 (one hundred and seventy!) million euros of Lazio’s debt in twenty-three years, the same very generous tax levies months ago with Matteo Salvini (Enjoyed the opportunity to pay off the famous 49 million university debts in comfortable installments of €600,000 per year in seventy-five years without interest), this time relentlessly. Chievo, which was already paying off a previous debt of 16 million, was eliminated.

Cleaver that does not apply to other clubs

But how: Isn’t there this law that Giuseppe Conte wanted that eliminates tax bills for companies affected by the pandemic? Aren’t Chievo’s only real revenues the revenues from the entrances to the stadium and those TV rights cut off by the Corona virus? Mac: The tax bill is missing. How is that? Precisely because it is prohibited by County law until September 1, 2021. There is no volume and no premium payments. The previous debt that Luca Campidelli was already paying is still at stake. And in that regard, Covid or not, comes the cleaver. With the exclusion (not decided for other clubs) from the tournaments. The comma appears to be 22 as well, but the process continues. Contrastingly, on September 2, 2021, the Revenue Agency returned to the Chievo chief a deposit that had been paid while waiting for the volume that would never arrive. Does this make sense?

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sticky dough

Not to mention the other game: the game played entirely within the hyper-sticky mixture of sporting authority and administrative justice that Sergio Rizzo described in vague and at times disturbing detail in Ultimate Power. 100 judges lead in Italy. Suffice it to read the chapter in which we are talking about the current President of the Council of State (the candidate behind the Quirinale) Franco Frattini, the longtime President of the Council of State College of Sports Assurance. Chievo’s challenge to his role, let’s suppose not completely above the parties…

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