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Perugia Pisa 1-1. The Nerazzurri advances and reaches the second half – sports – football

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Perugia, April 10, 2022 – Pisa He doesn’t shut it down when he can, and that’s exactly who failed at 14 minutes for Marin and Pochas. And then he pays the duty despite the beautiful goal Pushka (27 points) who seemed to steer the race in the right direction. Of course also unfortunately why Nicholas Hurts his knee, does not come out and rosy Draw (22′). But also a tactical intrapredenza for a coach Perugia By Alvini who midway through the second half redesigned the Umbrians with a notable 4-2-4 all-wheel drive and put Nerazzurri on the ropes.

Flawless Corrie’s equalizer tells of Pisa’s bruised exit from the week that could have propelled him towards the dream of promotion: 2 points in 3 games, six goals conceded and two goals scored is the result of three games that risk diminishing Pisa’s ambitions. Of course, the direct promotion zone is still three points away, and in any case, it is possible to reach the first league also through play-offs. A dream is still allowed, but other advantages are needed to truly believe in it.

We are relive the feelings of live broadcast

45′ It’s game over. Perugia 1-1 pisa

49 ‘Owner’s Warnings for protests

48 ‘ Lizzie Fly Off the Edge: Ball Too High

47′ Torigrosa warnings: Chichizola’s postponement was turbulent

45′ Five minutes of recovery

41 ‘karta off the grid After the bank ID Kwan

39′ OLIVIERI FOR MATOS AND KOUAN FOR SEGRE: double change also in Perugia

35 “tourist visit” and masochism for Hermanson: Pisa wants to try to win it

31 ‘ Cohen tries from the edge after the combination of the edge: high seismic ball

29′ Carta fan coil crossover From the edge of the area

27 ‘Nicholas doesn’t do that. Enter Livieri.

24′ SUPER-NICOLAS OUT, CLOSED ON LISI It was launched on the internet. Then it stays on the ground. His knee still hurts.

23′ Cohen for SIBILLI and TORREGROSSA FOR PUSCAS: D’Angelo’s instant moves

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22′ russian!! Perugia charts. Nicholas, who is still in pain, does not come out and refuses strongly. In the quarrel, the defender finds the same goal. 1-1

20 ‘DELL’ORCO CROWN EARLY ON LEVERBE: Nicolas arrives there, Touch it just enough to skew it over the bar. Then he stays on the ground, touching his knee.

18 Hermanson Warnings: Casey landed


14 ‘Boscas’ mistakes control the boundaries of the small area After a masterful counter-attack initiated by Nagy, he continued to dribble a lot with the Nerazzurri’s three pass alone in the penalty area. missed opportunity

11′ touchdown for Berindelli in the penalty area: The feral Lizzie jumps and knocks him with the shoulder. For Massa, everything is regular.

6′ Low cross from Peruato, Perugia’s defense closes a corner. The first shot of the flag of the second half of Pisa.

3′ ORC Warnings: Berndelli jumps fast and captain Perugia has to bring him down before he can enter the penalty area

the first The game has been restarted. Teams on the field with the same eleven who closed the first half.

The end of the first half. The Nerazzurri striker thanks to Puskas’s achievement (in the 27th minute Corrado jumped quickly and dodged Chichizola before hitting the empty goal). But Perugia was not present and in the final match of the first half they approached first with Matos (almost 46 minutes on Nagy’s streak) and then with the exciting pole by Corrado (47). In the second half, anything can happen and vice versa again.

48 ‘ The end of the first half Perugia 0-1 Pisa.

47′ Pole Corrado!! Great opportunity for Perugia With the Argentine defender hitting the wood from two steps and hitting the goalkeeper.

46′ Nagy Sweets almost on line After a number of Matos who got rid of a cannonball in the heart of the Nerazzurri and finished, they found Nicholas’ aberration.

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45′ Three minutes of recovery

44 ‘ Leverbe tries to dribble in the defensive phase and allows Matos to blow the ball. Then he has to drop it. Referee Massa pardoned him and did not withdraw the card.

41 ‘Pushka off the grid From an off-central position after a through pass from Hermansson

38 ‘ In the corner, De Luca jumps ahead of Caracciolo but takes more kicks.

37 ‘ Beruatto closes the corner on Falzerano. Shot 7 of the Perugia flag.

35′ Rossi Lashgarby: Forced Change of Perugia. Muscular problems for young children.

32′ diagonally from Santoro, de Luca late in the start. Instant reaction from Perugia with the attacking midfielder collecting a short rejected ball from Beza and firing from the edge. A strong diagonal, a medal on which the host attacker arrives a split second late.

27′ Busca!! Pisa feature!! Sibilli expects Burrai and throws the Roman vertically over Curado, dribbling Chichizola and depositing into the empty goal 0-1

24′ BREAK FROM TORE EXPECTING DELL’ORCO AND ENTERING THE PENALTY: Chichizola awaits him in the low exit with the help of Cegri

22 ‘ Santoro collects a rebound from Caracciolo and shoots after running 20 meters with the ball and chain: a central conclusion, which does not worry Nicholas.

20′ A short pass to the back by Leverbe, Nicolas has to leave the penalty area to delay De Luca’s wait

15th ‘ Low stakes but Perugia’s control of the territory is clear in this first quarter of the hour.

14 ‘NAGY CLOSES INTO EXTREME AT DE LUCA After a dramatic mistake in setting up Levefbe

13′ Caracciolo closes at a split angle on a poisonous cross to the right of Valzerano. A second corner kicked by Perugia.

6′ Matos fan from the limit: Nicholas flies and swerves to an angle

1′ point The game started. Approximately 1,200 Pisani in the Curie amphitheatres.

Pisa, April 10, 2022 – Nobody gives up on top: With the exception of Cremonese, which crashed at Frosinone, all the other big names have won. To continue chasing the dream of upgrading to Pisa Three points are required. The same thing, however, applies to Perugia They’re still striving for a breakout position: the Umbrians are -6 from Frosinone, a knockout probably means goodbye to that goal. Get ready to take on the challenge scheduled in a few minutes at Cori in Perugia.

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Official lineups. in Pisa Torregrossa And Ben Ali On the seat. not qualified Lucaforward there my way And Pushka. In the midfield finds the starting shirt pun And in defense there Hermanson. Because Mr. D’Angelo changes shape and passes to a 3-5-2 approx poses himself in the mirror with Perugia. News also in the Umbrians: Young talents start off the bench Kwan And Oliveri. In the only attack de luca With Matos And Santoro in support.

Perugia 1-1 pisa

Perugia (3-4-2-1): 22 shchizula; 39 Sgarbi (from 35′ pt 2 Rosi) 21 Curado, 15 Dell’Orco; 23 Falzerano (from 16’st 7 Caretta), 8 Burrai, 6 Segre (from 39’st 28 Kouan), 44 Lisi; 10 Matos (from 39’st 11 Olivieri), 25 Santoro (from 16’st 13 Beghetto); 9 de Luca. Available 27 Zaccagno, 4 Gyabuaa, 5 Angella, 14 Murgia, 16 Ghion, 30 Ferrarini, 32 Zanandrea. Fenny herds

Pisa (3-5-2): 1 Nicolas (from 27’22 Levere); 6 Hermanson (from 35 masochistic 26), 4 Caracciolo, 3 Leverb; 19 Berndelle, 15 turre (from 35’st 30 de Vitesse), 16 Nagy, 8 Marin, 20 Peruato; 17 Sibilli (from 23’st 11 Cohen), 31 Puscas (from 23’st 10 Torregrossa). Available 2 Beira, 5 Biennale, 7 Sega, 18 Mastino, 27 Gaucher, 28 de Quinzio, 77 Marsura. everyone.

to rule: Massa de Imperia. Auxiliaries: Mastrodonato di Molfetta and Pagnotta di Nocera Inferiore. Fourth official: Gallebo of Florence. Var: Fourneau of Rome 1. Avar: Fiore di Barletta.

Signs: pt 27′ Pushka; 22nd Street Rosy.

Noticeable: corners 12 to 2 for Perugia. payback: pt 3′; 5′ Street. Dell’Orco, Hermannsson, Torregrossa and Pisa D’Angelo coach booked for protests

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